Gifts for Grandmothers Who Have Everything: Personalize It!

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You are probably racking your brain trying to think of gifts for a grandma who has everything, right? Easy - give unique, heartfelt, personalized gifts that tugs her heartstrings! 

With gifts that send a personal, touching message that you have made yourself, it will surely put the sweetest smile on grandma's face, and why not? That gift is something that she cannot buy off the shelf,and will touch her heart because she knows you created it with such labor of love.

Here are many gift ideas you can give her and she’ll cherish dearly.


Photo by PS Imaging on StockSnap


20 Personalized Gift Ideas Your Grandmother Will Love

This line from your grandmother may be familiar to you, “You don’t need to give me a gift. I already have everything. Just save up your money.” That’s how pure a grandmother’s love is.

But know this: even though your grandmother insists on receiving a gift, the truth is, it will warm her heart if you treat her to something nice once in a while. Even though she claims that she doesn’t need anything, she will truly appreciate every gift you’ll give her.

How can you pick the best gift for your grandma? This depends on her interests or hobbies. If your grandma loves to bake, why not give her a personalized cookie jar? If she loves picking flowers in her garden, why not give her a personalized flower vase?

The keyword is PERSONALIZED. When you add a touch of personalization to your gift, the receiver will feel extra special. And if there’s anyone in this world that needs to feel special, that would be your grandmother.

So take down notes and consider these gift ideas for grandmothers who have everything. The good news is, you won’t even have to break the bank in creating these personalized gift ideas.

If you already have a Cricut cutting machine at home, you can personalize your gift using adhesive vinyl. Check out these great gift ideas for your beloved nana.

  1. Wooden Birthday Calendar

Gift idea so grandmas won’t forget family birthdays.

Wooden Birthday Calendar

Does your grandma tend to forget birthdays of family members and friends? Be there to the rescue and create this wooden birthday calendar. All you need is a hanging wooden frame, eye hooks, jump screws, precut cardboard shapes, and of course TeckWrap Craft vinyl.

For the vinyl, a textured metallic vinyl was used for the sunflower petal and word celebration. While an ordinary black flock vinyl was used for the word family and center of the flower.

The beauty of personalizing your gift is you can place any lettering or decoration you want. So don’t limit yourself with the design shown above.

Of course, you can buy one readily available online, but creating one of your own will make the gift more special. Plus, if you create this special gift, you can add more touch of personalization and the of course save a few bucks.

If you want, instead of sticking vinyl on those cute tiny hearts (date markers), you can place cut-out pictures of your family members in there.

This is an excellent hanging decoration for your grandma’s house. It’s a decoration with a purpose so your grandma won’t forget the birthdays of the whole family. If you want, you can paint the wooden frame and add a little glitter.

  1. Personalized Ring Dish for Grandma’s Jewelry Collection

Gift idea for grandmas who love accessories


personalized grandma gift ideas

Image from Pixabay by gunyaruk12

Does your granny love her rings and accessories? It is all over the place and she always finds it hard to look for them? Then a ring or accessory dish is a good idea. Like the product seen above, you can make a personalized ring dish using a plain ceramic plate and vinyl.

Do you know what kind of vinyl will be a good idea for this kind of project? A Glow in the dark vinyl. Not only will your grandma but left in awe with this kind of design, but it can help them locate their jewelry dish easily.

Of course, this kind of gift is not only dedicated as a ring dish, your grandma can also use this as a shelf display. Just make sure to include a wooden frame stand for the dish. It’s a great gift that will surely make your grandmother smile.

  1. Personalized Coffee or Tea Mug

Gift idea for grandmas who love drinking coffee or tea


personalized coffee mug

Image from Pixabay by Mediamodifier

best grandma ever



Does your grandmother love her English tea or afternoon coffee? Then a personalized mug is a perfect gift. This is an easy DIY project. All you have to do is buy a blank ceramic mug and you’re ready to create this project.

Yes, it’s a common gift idea, but it’s a practical gift that will make your grandma happy. If you want to add a little more surprising to this kind of gift, why not use color-changing vinyl? A color-changing vinyl changes color when a hot beverage is poured into the mug.

For sure, this gift idea will make your grandma chuckle. She may insist that she has everything and she doesn’t need a gift, but for sure, she doesn’t own a color-changing mug that’s specially created by you. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

  1. Wooden Brag Board

Gift ideas for grandma who’s proud of her grandkids

Image from Pixabay by GregMontani

Here’s a certain fact about all grandmothers around the world: grandmothers are proud of their grandkids. Surely, your grandmother is proud of you too. So why not give your beloved nana a brag board that she can hang at home?

What’s a brag board in the first place? It’s simple. It’s a board where your grandma can hang everything that she’s proud about and that’s her grandchildren and their achievements.

To make things more interesting, you can label the brag board as “Nana’s Most Prized Possessions”. 

Then you can place pictures of all her grandkids, their achievements, or even their profession. When your grandma sees your gift every day, it will remind her of the things she’s proud of, and it will certainly make her heart happy.

  1. Scented Candles

Gift idea for grandmas who love aromatherapy

Image from Piqsels

Does your grandma love candles? Then scented candles are something that will make her glad. Can you make scented candles on your own? Yes of course! If you have a candle-making set and a few glass jars, you can make a special scented candle for your grandma.

Now, this is something your grandma doesn’t have; a specially made candle you made by hand. She’ll love it, especially when she knows this is made with love. Why not create at least three candles of three different scents to add variety to your gift.

You can add essential oils to the candle for aromatherapy, which is good for your grandma’s health. Then add the final touch to your gift by placing a personalized vinyl decal on the candle jar. Place it in a crafty box for a cherry on top for the final look.

This is the kind of gift grandma would love if she’s into a little self-care. You can throw in some french lavender essential oil, white tea, face cream packed with Vitamin E, a lip balm, and bath salts, for granny’s pamper time. Hey, your grandma deserves the best, and you should only give her the best.

  1. Personalized Pillow

Gift ideas for grandma who loves her pillows

Personalized pillow for your grandma using TeckWrap heat transfer vinyl

Image from MaxPixel

Does your grandma love to snuggle and does she take pride in the pillows she has at home? Then it’s a good idea to add something to her collection by giving her a personalized pillow. You can buy a throw pillow and blank pillowcase (it can be a silk pillowcase or canvas) and you can print on it with a heat transfer vinyl. 

Just like the photo above, you can print fun grandma wordings on a pillowcase. If you want you can make it a more special gift by purchasing a Calming Lavender Heat Pillow and throwing in a chunky knit blanket. A cozy blanket plus a customized silk pillowcase is the best gift for grandma for her day naps.

  1. Pajamas or Loungewear

Gift ideas who love to lounge around

Image from Piqsels

Even though you’re grandma will tell you that she doesn’t need a new pair of pajamas, don’t believe her. Because when you give her a personalized and memorable gift that she can use, it will make her realize that she does need a new pair of pajamas, with love, from you.

Simply buy a loose, plain shirt and pajamas that perfectly go with it, then you can print the shirt with heat transfer vinyl from TeckWrap. Add a little twist to it by using Glow-in-the-dark heat transfer vinyl. Is this the perfect gift to make you the favorite grandchild? Perhaps.

While you’re at it, throw in some cozy socks, fluffy slippers, and a sleeping mask. For sure she’ll love to sleep in and lounge around with the gifts you gave her. Aside from cotton pajama wear, you can also personalize the print on silkwear pajamas.

  1. Personalized Journal or Diary

For your grandma who loves to write


Image from Pixabay by Darkmoon Art

If your grandma loves to write on her journal or diary, then a personalized journal can be the ideal gift for her. Aside from a journal you can also pick a planner or big notebook she can make as a family cookbook. Can you customize a planner with a vinyl print? Absolutely!

Adhesive vinyl, especially permanent vinyl, will stick perfectly to the leather cover of the notebook. This is one of the best gifts you can give to your grandmother so she can record cherished memories and write them down in her journal.

Do you know what will be a great idea in addition to this journal? Several photos of the family she can stick to the journal. For sure, this is the perfect gift so your grandma can document the special moments in her life.

  1. Personalized Tote Bag

Gift idea for grandmas who like to go out and shop


Image from Pixabay by BRRT

Who doesn’t need another bag? Your grandma definitely needs one, especially as a shopping bag. Your grandma will surely carry this bag around with such pride of being the best grandma ever! So what kind of bag can you print on?

The photo above shows a tote bag made of canvas material. With a heat press machine or an EasyPress, you can print vinyl on a canvas bag. Canvas bags are available in different sizes so you can create this personalized gift in different sizes.

You can create a tote bag for her everyday casual needs. Also another bigger tote bag she can use as her shopping bag. How about leather bags? Can you print on them?

Yes, you can print vinyl decals on leather bags. So if you think a leather bag is something your grandma will love, you can go for it and personalize it.

  1. Personalized Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Gift idea for grandmas who like to throw dinner parties



Image from Flickr by Marco Verch Professional

Does your grandma love to entertain? Wait a minute! All grandmas love to entertain and love having guests over, especially her beloved grandkids. So why not give her personalized wooden utensils or cutting board? That is something your grandma will certainly love.

As seen in the photo above, this is a personalized wooden board she can serve to her guests during special occasions. During the holiday season, she can use this wooden platter for a charcuterie board.

Not only is this gift a great choice for serving foods, but also a plain display to your grandma's kitchen. You can use permanent vinyl to personalize this gift and seal it with a kitchen-safe Mod Podge. She’ll love this unique gift idea, and you’d want one for yourself too.

  1. Personalized Collage Photo Art

Gift idea for grandmas to cherish sweet memories


Image from Pixabay by Stocksnap

One of the best gifts for grandma is seeing the photos of her loved ones all the time. Why not set up a personalized collage photo art in her house? Start with gathering the most precious moments of each family member and have them printed out.

To achieve the look of the photo art above, buy picture frames of the same sizes. Then with your magic touch, hang it on your grandma’s wall. It would be great if it was a surprise, but of course, you have to ask permission from your grandma first.

If placing a photo collage of frames on her wall seems like a bad idea, you can make a photo collage on tabletop framed photos. Then personalize with a vinyl decal like “Grandma’s pride”. If you have a tech-savvy grandma, you can give her a digital photo frame and prepare a slideshow of everyone’s photo.

Every time your grandma sees a photo collage of the people she loves, it will make her happy. With a photo collage present, you won’t be spending too much money but it will be one of the most cherished gifts your grandmother will receive.

  1. Personalized Flower Vase

Gift idea for grandmas who love flowers and has green thumb


Image from Pixabay by hudsoncrafted

If your grandma loves flowers, it’s a no-brainer that fresh flowers and a personalized flower vase will be the perfect present. Just like the photo seen above, you can create a custom flower vase and print it with permanent adhesive vinyl.

All you have to do is look for an Etsy seller that carries blank flower vase products, then print vinyl on it. To give more life to the flower vase, you can use Glitter adhesive vinyl. Adding a little more life to your creations is always a good idea.

  1. Personalized Ceramic Cookie Jar

Gift idea for grandmas who bake the best cookies


Image from Maxpixel

A lot of people can relate to this: grandmas love to serve freshly baked cookies. Surely, you want one now. So why not give her a personalized cookie jar? For sure you can buy a glass, air-tight lid cookie jar from an Esty seller, then place a vinyl decal on it to add a more personalized touch.

So the next time you come over for a visit, not only are you being served with freshly baked cookies but in a stylish jar as well. Treat grandma with the best gifts because she’s been treating you with the best care ever since you were a baby. She certainly deserves nothing but the best.

  1. Personalized Dish Towel (Ideal Gifts for Grandma Who Loves to Cook)

Gift idea for your grandma who loves to cook

Image from negativespace by Kristin Hardwick 

For grandmas who love everything organized and personalized, a set of dish towel is the perfect present. In Wallmart, Target, or online from an Etsy seller, you can buy a plain dish towel and have it personalized by printing a heat transfer vinyl.

Aside from a personalized dish towel, you can add several kitchen mittens and placemats as well. So the next time your grandma has you over, everything she uses is personalized with love. Many grandmas, including you, would love the thought of remembering you while she’s baking cookies in the kitchen.

TeckWrap Craft printed with PU Heat Transfer Vinyl printed on a kitchen mitten

Take a look at these personalized kitchen mittens, who wouldn't love this? Of course, you have to change the design on this one. Your grandma will go bananas with this kind of print. Here’s a free design for you.

TeckWrap Craft original printed design for your Granny

  1. Christmas Decorations (She’ll Love for Sure)

Gift idea for grandmas who love Christmas


Image from TeckWrap Instagram page

Personalized Christmas decorations using TeckWrap Craft vinyl

Are you looking for a gift for your grandma this holiday season? Then customized Christmas decorations will surely make her smile. You can buy blank acrylic decorations at the nearest craft store or Christmas balls then personalize them with festive vinyl decals.

What can you do? For each Christmas ball, print every grandchild’s name (your cousins) so your granny can hang it on her Christmas tree. Aside from that, you can also make Christmas mugs, tumblers, and wine glasses. You should check out the Buffalo plaid adhesive vinyl from TeckWrap. It’s the perfect vinyl for your custom holiday gifts.

  1. Custom Color-Changing Glasses

For grandmas who like their refreshing drink

Image from TeckWrap Craft - Color Chaning Vinyl

Image from TeckWrap Craft - Clear cold color changing adhesive vinyl

Make your grandma smile with these color-changing glasses. This is the best grandma gift if she likes her refreshing summer drink and loves to entertain her friends for an afternoon margarita session.

Check out the Color-changing adhesive vinyl from TeckWrap craft and pick your grandma’s favorite color. In your next family gathering, she’ll surely bring out these custom printed glasses with pride. These are uncommon goods you can’t just buy in a craft store, these are made with love that will be the perfect grandma gift.

  1. Personalized Make-up Organizer

For your make-up lover grandma

Image from TeckWrap Craft - Opal Chrome Adhesive Vinyl

Is your grandma’s life story all about make-up and stuff? If you think her makeup is all over the place, then it’s time to give her a personalized make-up organizer. Let your grandma fill this custom-made acrylic make-up organizer with all the stuff she loves.

How can you customize it? Of course with vinyl printing you can! If you want to follow the design above, you can use an Opal Chrome Adhesive Craft vinyl. It’s simple yet glamorous for your glamorous grandma.

Acrylic make-up organizers come in different shapes and forms, and you can give your grandma a set to organize her stuff. This is something you might not know, but these make-up organizers are affordable and easy to print into.

  1. Personalized Starbucks Tumbler

For grandmas who love their Starbucks

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram page

Is your grandma a Starbucks die hard? Perhaps she just loves to have a cute tumbler behind? Then a custom printed tumbler will make an ideal gift for her. Make these tumblers come to life using Reflective Metallic Adhesive Vinyl that your grandma will surely love.

If you want you can buy color-changing cups from Starbucks then customize it with a color-changing vinyl from TeckWrap craft. That will surely blow your grandma’s mind. It’s a fun and one-of-a-kind idea you can give during birthdays, Christmas, or no special occasions at all.

  1. Personalized T-shirt

To make your grandma happy

Image from

Nothing beats the custom printed shirt for your beloved gram-gram. Just buy a plain T-shirt online and custom prints it with a heat transfer vinyl from TeckWrap Craft. You can print literally anything on a shirt, anything that will make your grandma smile.

Even if your grandma says, who needs an extra shirt? Don’t believe her! She’ll be beaming with pride when she receives a gift like this. She’ll secretly appreciate it, but one thing’s for sure, she loves it more than anything in the world!

  1. Other Best Gifts for Grandma

If you’re not personalizing into gifts there are other options you can just directly buy or have custom-made. Here are other gifts for grandma you should consider:

  • Electronic massager
  • Diffuser oil set
  • Necklace (silver chain, rose gold or gold chain)
  • Kitchen appliances like an Instant Pot or Air Fryer
  • Crochet Kit
  • Skillet or Griddle pans
  • Heating pad

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Get a Grandparent for Christmas Who Has Everything?

For grandparents who have everything, you can give them customized gifts on Christmas. Your grandparent may insist that they don’t need anything new, but the truth is, they appreciate a simple gift from you.

What Should I Gift to My Grandmother?

You can give your grandmother a gift that’s in line with her interest or hobbies. For instance, if your grandmother loves gardening, you can give her a Birth Month Flower Grow Kit. If your grandma loves to cook, you can give her a baking set.

What Can I Buy My 80 Year Old Grandma?

You can give your 80-year old grandma something that she needs for her health. For example, you can give her a heating pad to address body pains. Or you can give her vitamins to keep her healthy.

The Takeaway

Here’s one last thing you need to remember: when grandma opens a gift coming from you, it will surely make her smile. Even though your granny insists that she doesn’t need anything, the truth is, she doesn’t even know she needs it as you give it to her.

Just a word of advice: customize it to make her feel special. If you’re a craft lover and have a cutting machine at home, you can do a lot of wonders.

Make sure to check out the TeckWrap Craft website and Instagram page and get gift ideas you can make at the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to share your creations with a TeckWrap Craft vinyl and tag our Instagram page!

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