Butterfly Wall Decal Ideas Using Adhesive Craft Vinyl

Whether you are a lepidopterist (lover of butterflies), you cannot help but love these butterfly wall decal ideas using vinyl, especially because they are quick and easy to do.

Using TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive craft vinyl, you can create beautiful butterfly wall decals that surely your whole family would love. So go grab your cutting machine and adhesive vinyl, and create projects that nobody has done before.

Butterfly Wall Decal Ideas

Photo by Pixabay


Simple Butterfly Line Art

buttefly wall stickers

Image from Open Clip Art by GD


If you want a minimalist design to go on your wall, then you should go for a simple butterfly line art. This beautiful butterfly wall decor only needs at least two colors of vinyl. It’s a simple project that’s easy to accomplish, yet will make a great wall decoration.

If you intend to place this butterfly art on your kid’s bedroom, you might want to consider sprucing the project a bit by using Glitter or Glow-in-the-dark adhesive vinyl.

TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive vinyl is available in different colors, textures and patterns. Let your kid choose the vinyl color when creating this fun project.

Colorful Metallic Butterflies

buttefly wall stickers


Image from Pexels by Content Pixie


Do you like metallic-looking butterflies? Go make one! For this butterfly wall decal, you can use TeckWrap Craft’s Mirror Chrome Adhesive Vinyl. Even with just two colors, this project will make a great effect if you use Mirror Chrome Adhesive Vinyl.

Do you know where this decoration would look great? In the dining room, kitchen or living room. To have a more jaw-dropping effect, instead of placing one large butterfly, you can place multiple stickers of different sizes. Place it in a nice formation for a more aesthetic-looking decoration.

Do you like the image the butterfly design you see above? Then you can download this free vector from Open Clip Art, Monarch Butterfly 2 Variation 11 by GDJ.

metallic craft vinyl stickers

Butterfly Wall Decal in a Frame

buttefly wall stickers

Photo from Pexels by PNW Production

If you prefer a black and white aesthetic to go with your minimalist set-up at home, then this project would be perfect for you. Instead of placing the butterfly decal directly on the wall, why not place it in a picture frame? It’s a way to decorate white rental walls as well.

If you’re renting an apartment, your landlord may not allow wall decorations as this may violate your rental agreement. If you’re dying to place a butterfly wall decal, the perfect option is to place the sticker on a picture frame.

This wall decal may look simple but would make a great statement on your home office or living room. At times, simplicity is beauty. You can download the free vector found on the image above through this link.

Butterfly Decor on a Mirror

buttefly wall decal ideas

Photo from Pexels by Max Vakhtbovych

If you can place a butterfly decal on a picture frame, why not place it in the mirror? You can refurbish an old mirror you can buy from antique stores and bring it to life by placing a butterfly decal in it. This project may look right out of an Etsy shop, and who knows? Maybe you can make money out of it in the future.

It may not be a fully functional mirror anymore, but imagine how amazing it’ll look as a home decoration. Share your wonderful creations to the world! This will make a great gift to a friend or a loved one who’s a diehard butterfly lover.


Why limit yourself in a butterfly wall decor if you can create a one-of-a-kind project by placing it in a mirror? The more vintage-looking the mirror is, the more aesthetic it’ll look as a home decor.

Colorful Butterfly Wall Decor

buttefly wall stickers

Photo from Pexels by Max Vakhtbovych

A true lepidopterist would know, the more butterflies, the more colorful, and the more tedious the project, the more satisfying it’ll look when it’s placed on the wall. If you want your wall to look-like a Pinterest-board, then you should work on this project.

The more vinyl colors you’ll use, the better! You can place this butterfly wall decal above your bed’s headboard, or the main living room. For a more interesting effect, you can use TeckWrap Craft’s Reflective Adhesive Vinyl that changes color in the dark or when reflected directly by light.

You can use at least five vinyl colors. If you want, you can use more, for a more colorful effect. Just like the image above, you can place it aesthetically, forming a blank butterfly space in the middle. Because why not? This project may take a lot of time, but you know how satisfying it looks once you’re done with it.

Brighten Up a Wall with Butterfly Decals!

butterfly wall decals

For sure you’re loving these ideas and can’t wait to start on the project. If you want to search for similar ideas popular at the moment, you can always get the free Pinterest app to see more decoration inspirations.

Check out the Pinterest site for more ideas or you can download app on your phone. When creating wall decals, choose from the variety of colors, textures and patterns of adhesive craft vinyl available only at TeckWrap Craft.

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