Thoughtful DIY Birthday Presents for Mom She’ll Love

Do you want to gather ideas about thoughtful handmade DIY birthday presents for mom that will show her how much you care?   When you want your moms to feel extra special, give them handmade gifts. The one who gave you the life you deserve surely deserves more than extra special.  

According to a study, from the mom matchmaking app Peanut what most moms want is just simple- a break from the mama routine (35%) like a cool experience such as a spa.  A good night’s sleep is what twenty-six percent want, and only five percent like a physical gift.  This shows what moms really want- simple and thoughtful gifts.

DIY Birthday Presents for Mom

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Now, you’re thinking of some homemade gifts, DIY gifts, and “helping them break out of the routine” gifts that your mom deserves more than ever.  

Deciding is hard.  To help you make up your mind, let’s consider why handmade gifts are extra special.

diy moms birthday gift

When you laboriously create a thoughtful gift for your mom, and despite your busy schedule, you were able to spend the time to create things that will make her reminisce about those times when her children were still kids, just having fun, with those photos of cute, carefree smiles; it’s precious.

Handmade Gifts Ignite Creativity

With your mom in mind, what she likes and her memories are the things you must consider when deciding the gift ideas you have to focus on.  While creating the gift that will satisfy your mother, you are also satisfying the inner creative ideas in you.  

You will be surprised at how these DIY gifts will also take you down memory lane to when you and your siblings were kids and every day seemed like Mother’s Day when you gave your mom homemade gifts that brought tears to her eyes.

diy birthday gifts for mom

Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts/ DIY Gift Ideas

These ideas will spark your creativity as you decide on what to choose among these 16 practical, thoughtful DIY Birthday presents for mom.


Whatever the occasion, be that about having DIY Mother’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, or any special day you want to be memorable for your mom, anything handmade will bring her to tears more than store-bought ones.

According to,  nearly 2 in 5 millennial women prefer handmade gifts.  So, here are DIY gifts that you can give to moms , on their birthday, mother’s day, or any special day.

1. Terracotta Pots with Vinyl Decals

terracotta pots for mom bday gift

Image from Canva

Terracotta Pots with Vinyl Decals are suitable for Mother’s Day, birthday, or any other special day.  As one of the thoughtful DIY gifts for mom, it is perfect for your mom’s home, especially if she has a green thumb. Just make sure you apply a sealer such as Mod Podge after applying vinyl, so that it lasts a long time.

There are many gift ideas for what to put in these pots, like her favorite flowers, favorite herbs, etc. And if she loves plants, she’s guaranteed to enjoy receiving these gifts.

New Matte 10ft Adhesive Craft Vinyl

New Matte 10ft Adhesive Craft Vinyl

 According to the Garden Lovers Club, the top 12 best terracotta pot plants are the following:

  • Succulents
  • Snake plants
  • Philodendron
  • Peperomia
  • Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant)
  • Ficus, String of Pearls
  • Aloe Vera
  • Sago Palms
  • Dracaena
  • Ponytail Palm
  • Chain of Hearts.

2. DIY Chalkboard Spice Jars

kitchen jars with vinyl labels

Image from Canva

This is one of the most useful DIY Mother’s Day gifts-DIY Chalkboard Spice Jars.  Why wouldn’t it be?  A mom’s kitchen is where she mostly spends her time because she wants to feed her family the best of her dishes.

So, if you are thinking of a handmade gift idea, this is one of those mother’s day crafts that will light up your mom’s eyes.  Let’s see the step-by-step process of making a thoughtful gift like this one.

If you are interested to know more about labeling jars, you might want to read How to Make Labels for Jars: Make Custom Label Jars Like a Pro!

 3. Colorful Tote Bags

diy birthday gift for mom

Image from Canva

If you’re thinking of fashionable DIY Mother’s Day gifts, a colorful tote bag might just be the answer to your search. Your mom is getting her hands busy all the time, like going to the grocery or the post office.  One of the most useful gifts is to create one bag with her favorite colors where she can keep everything she needs when going out.

For a more step-by-step guide on how to make gift ideas such as this, using vinyl,  here is Will Vinyl Stick to Canvas?

4. Sentimental Photo Board

DIY gifts can be relevant to a person.  If you want a more sentimental gift, a Photo Board is a perfect gift.  

A thoughtful photo board is something you can give your mother, even if it’s not her birthday or mother’s day.  You can bet it is one of the best DIY mother’s day gifts and of course, birthday gifts too.

Photo boards typically include a collage of family photos, magazine strips, and newspaper headlines connected to something,   But this photo board is customized using vinyl. Unique, isn’t it?

If you want to learn how to make a photo board and customize it with vinyl, read this.

DIY Birthday Presents for Mom

Holographic Opal Pattern Adhesive Vinyl


holographic vinyl


5. Crochet Wall Art Ideas

Crochet Wall Art Ideas

Surely, this is a great gift idea for those of you who know how to crochet.  To make a crochet maple tree wall art, you will need to crochet a tree and a lot of maple leaves in colorful colors of red, yellow, and orange.

Once you have your crochet tree and maple leaves, attach them to a canvas or a frame using a hot glue gun. Your mom will surely love this gift on this special occasion.

6.  Zippered Makeup Bag

DIY Birthday Presents for Mom

Image from Canva

One of the most effective DIY gifts for a mom is something to help her organize her things.  Your mom has lots of makeup strewn in her dresser drawers.  Hence, one of the amazing ideas for her birthday is a zippered makeup bag as one of your mother’s day gifts that she’ll love and surely use.

Think of giving her five different makeup bags with different designs to match every place she’ll want to go to that she can choose to use on different occasions.


Here is a tutorial from to help you make this Zippered Makeup bag without the fuss.

7.  Flower Magnets

flower magnets for mom

Your mom will love these homemade flower magnets you can make for her.  And if you think of giving something that will seem more personal, her photo can be made into a sticker as well.

She’s going to be needing magnets from things she wants to post on the refrigerator door to reminders on her mirror.  There’s a tutorial from that you may visit to help you craft this with ease.

8. Personalized Mug for Mom

DIY Birthday Presents for Mom

Mom’s thirst can be quenched any time of the day with this color-changing mug.  You may give her different mugs for all occasions special to her by making your DIY Personalized color-changing mug.

DIY Birthday Presents for Mom

If she’s into quotes, daily inspiration, reminders, or arts, gifts that show all these things like mugs and tumblers will enthrall her.  The highlight among the materials you’ll be needing is, of course, the color-changing vinyl from TeckWrap that will truly amaze your mom.

Heat Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl

color changing vinyl
Also Available in Heat Sweet Pink, Blue to Green, and Heat Dark Gray

UVColor-Changing Adhesive Vinyl

9. Homemade HTV Shirts for Mom

Homemade gifts such as shirts are classic favorites. Show mom how much she is loved by creating these homemade Heat Transfer Vinyl Shirts that you can make just by using iron-on instead of a heat press if you don’t have one.  

Custom shirts can be easily made at home.  Read more about it: How to Make Custom Shirts at Home.


10. Solar Jar Lamp


Practical moms love practical gifts.  It may not be too creative, but the most creative gifts are those that help make beautiful things more beautiful.  Solar jar lamps are not only practical but they add beauty to homes. It is an idea moms will adore.

With just a mason jar, you can have a solar lamp she’s guaranteed to love!

11. Ombre Tassel Necklace and Earrings

There are many gift ideas for your mom, and these homemade gifts or DIY gifts for mom encompass those store-bought ones.  But what is a perfect gift?  Surely it is a gift that comes from her kid or crafts that showcase how she is valued.

Some stores are selling vintage or past fashion jewelry pieces, but most of them are gone now.  Glam her up by creating these homemade fashion jewelry pieces that she’ll surely thank you for.

Here’s how to make fashion jewelry:  How to Make Handmade Jewelry

12. Vintage Teacup Candles


Candles can be used anywhere in the house, but we mostly design them on center tables.

The vintage teapot has the potential to be remade into DIY crafts in as little time as a minute.  

13. Mosaic Votive

Using all the beautiful colors of tissue paper, you can create various mosaic votive pieces.  This is of the DIY Best gifts for mom she’s guaranteed to love!

14DIY Patches on Pants

This DIY Gifts for Mom # 15 is going to take you down memory lane. According to, patches are on the comeback!  This 90’s trend is returning into fashion, and even Gucci is welcoming this resurgence!

What materials you use for your patches and the process that it undergoes have so much to do with your finished output.  TeckWrap has this guide to help you learn not only to make iron-on t-shirts, and canvas, but even pants.




3 Easy and Beautiful Ways to Patch Pants

With so many ideas on patching, it is no wonder that many would want to do it for themselves or as gifts to kids, a mother, or dad, or even friends.

1. Create an Iron On Patch Using Vinyl

Nowadays, patching is easy.  With a flock heat transfer, a vinyl patch created from a machine, and your iron-on, you can have patched pants!

Learn how to iron on pants using vinyl with TeckWrap Craft.

2. Use an Embroidered Lace Patch

The classic embroidered patch that grandma taught your mom and she passed on to you is still one of the best patching ideas there is.  Decorate your mom’s jeans, ripped or not with some DIY embroidered lace patch or one that you purchase from a store. Enjoy the beautiful results!

3. Create Decorative Patches with Creative Stitches

So you are a stitching master!  Show it off by stitching your patches onto jeans with patching ideas that amaze your mom, dad, and even grandma and grandpa,  on any special occasion like Christmas, birthdays, or as mother’s day gifts, and many more.

Mother’s day or not, this is one of the great gift ideas!

15. Bath Bombs

Image from Pexels

Most moms’ weaknesses are soaps, perfumes, bags, and clothes.  Gifts such as these remind them of those times when they were into looking good that they may have forgotten in time as they focused on taking care of their family.

Reminding moms that you still adore them and know that they, too, need a break, by lavishing them with gifts that they may have overlooked for themselves will have that extra touch of self-love they need for themselves.

DIY bath bombs do not only make one smell good and have fun at the same time, but their therapeutic effects are beyond words.

16. Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Want to help your mom have the option to redecorate her home whenever she feels like it?  Give her peel-and-stick wallpaper sets that she can just grab anytime!

17. Hug Pillow for Mom

Make this hug pillow for mom using HTV vinyl to create customized designs.  You know what your mom likes, so thinking about how to design this hug pillow is easy.

Ideas for Hug Pillow Designs

Want to help make your mom more comfortable when she’s resting at night?  Or day, perhaps?  A hug pillow can help do the job.  She could use this luxury after a tiring day.

Here are some design ideas for hug pillows:

  • Photos
  • Quotes
  • Floral
  • Arms Reaching Out
  • Rainbow


18.  Sleep Masks

This is a great match for the hug pillow you’re thinking of giving your mom.  One of the best ideas!  Moms will treasure this handmade gift because there is no substitute for the rest and relaxation they deserve.

19. DIY Polaroid Magnets

This thoughtful birthday gift idea she’s guaranteed to love not only because it will help her reminisce precious memories but these magnets will be useful in her office or home.

19. No-Sew Sachets


Science confirms so many benefits that lavender has to offer.  These no-sew sachets contain homemade lavender and shop-purchased potpourri.

The smell of lavender does wonders including relaxation, helping main good blood pressure, eliminating menstrual pain and so much more.  This is not only a gift idea that your mom is going to treasure but she’s guaranteed to find this useful.

Here is a tutorial from

20. Kilim-Inspired Painted Basket


Image from


Turkish Kilim tapestries is loved by moms for sure.  Why?  Its most prominent symbol is that of motherhood and fertility.  

Unleash your creativity and learn how to make a Kilim Inspired painted basket for your mom she’s guaranteed to treasure.

Here is’s tutorial on How to Make a Kilim-Inspired Painted Basket in Three- Easy Steps.

21. Painted Plates

Your mom will be awed by these painted plates that look like a French masterpiece painted by the great Pablo Picasso.  

This is one of the most elegant DIY Crafts you can create for your mom.  Use an acrylic non-toxic (food safe of course) paint for these plates.  Surely, this hand-painted DIY craft idea can impress anyone, especially your mom.

Here is a guide on how to pull up this elegant DIY mother’s day handmade gift from

22. Cute Apron


A mother figure will always be seen in the most important part of the house- the kitchen.  Your mom will love a DIY cute apron made by her loved ones.

A cute apron is something beautiful to look at and will surely be a very practical gift for moms.  You may customize an apron that reflects your mom’s character.  Or you can even do the same procedure in making custom shirts and instead DIY a cute apron for your mom.

23. DIY Shelves

Giving your mom DIY shelves with intricate shapes is something she’ll treasure.  These DIY shelves can be customized using different wood materials.

Moms, the epitome of organization inside the house, will always want things to be where they should be.  DIY shelves for mom who wants practical and thoughtful gift ideas!

DIY shelves are useful for the display of keepsakes, fresh flowers, books, and travel items.  All these will remind you of what your mother made for you.

To learn more about crafting DIY Shelves, read this from

24. Polka Dot Coasters

These beautiful polka dot coasters are great examples of perfect gift ideas that will make your mom happy.

25. Sliding Knot Rhinestone Bracelets


DIY gifts that help bring out mom’s beauty, such as sliding knot rhinestone bracelets, are practical and thoughtful.  Moms often forget about themselves as they get busy each day.

Remember to give your mother something to make them feel extra beautiful every Mother's Day, Christmas, and much more on her birthday.

Here is a tutorial from to help you in making this DIY  Sliding rhinestone knot bracelet.

26. Plant Waterer

One of the greatest gift ideas for moms is one that will help her make life easier, such as a plant waterer.  She will no longer worry about her plants once she is far from home.

It provides an easy way to water the plants even when you’re not there with them.  

Gifts for moms such as this one can be made without the fuss.  Follow the tutorial on Creative Green Living.

27. Pillowcase Apron

Pillowcases and aprons, they could do the same thing, you know?  They can help your mom in the kitchen with a pillowcase apron!

Give your mom your own DIY apron from pillowcases.  There are lots of pillowcase designs to choose from, and making one is easy.  Using your fave crafts to make one, here is a tutorial from

Images from

28. Iron-On Transfer Dish Towels

Mom could never have enough dish towels at home.  This is one of the most practical DIY gifts for mom that you may choose to give on her birthday, or even Mother’s Day or Christmas.  Whatever occasion or no occasion at all your mother will treasure these helpful gifts from you.

Use TeckWrap Craft’s Iron on Vinyl to customize your homemade dish towels.  You know what your mom likes, design it!

29. Drawer Gift Boxes

Thinking of giving your mom jewelry each time?  You may want to think of drawer gift boxes to ensure her sets of jewelry stay in place.

Final Words

These DIY gifts for mom, from photos framed on boards, flowers on magnets, wall art,  or as a table decoration, and accessories that you can decorate with her name, are homemade, handmade, and coming from the heart.

Every family member must extend love to the very important lady in the house-mom, mother, and mama.  Whatever she is called, whatever gift idea you will choose, she’ll surely appreciate it.  Fill your gift with love and wrap it with a hug and kiss that she deserves whatever occasion there is.

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