Christmas Vinyl

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s time to rejoice and create some unique crafts as Christmas is here spreading joy and cheer all around. This holiday season, don’t settle for the ordinary. Bring creativity into play and make some superb, original, never-seen-before pieces of workmanship using the finest adhesive and heat transfer vinyl from TeckWrap Craft.

Characteristics Of Our Christmas Vinyl

Providing supreme quality vinyl at your doorstep is our priority. Our films possess distinctive features that set them apart in the realm of crafting materials. Firstly, they are highly durable and can withstand regular handling and various crafting applications. Our vinyl, may it be adhesive or HTV, is long-lasting as well. Your Christmas crafts can easily be stored after the season is over to be taken out next year.

Our Christmas vinyl also features excellent adhesion, seamlessly adhering to different surfaces without peeling or bubbling. This is important for the flawless finish of any craft. Simply smooth out with a squeegee or apply the right heat and pressure for the specified time if using HTV and viola! You have created a masterpiece that will be praised by all!

Versatility is another key trait, allowing crafters to use the vinyl across a range of projects, from home decor to personalized garments. Whether it's the glassware that you want to embellish especially for Christmas with our adhesive vinyl or design matching t-shirts for the whole family with the festive heat transfer vinyl, you will be able to do so without any hassle. 

Our vinyl offers ease of weeding as well contributing to a smoother crafting experience. You can easily take out small negative vinyl pieces from that wreath you have designed for your shirt or the greeting you are placing on craft blanks to be used as ornaments for your Christmas tree. Additionally, our films are compatible with various cutting machines, ensuring precision and accuracy in your intricate designs.

The Medley Of Festive Vinyl We Offer

As they say, variety is the spice of life, we offer a diverse color palette with vibrant, fade-resistant hues that enhance creative possibilities. Each shade is perfect for the celebratory designs that you might want to create adding a touch of beauty and glamor to your crafts. Metallics, Mirror Chrome, Holographic, Glitter, and Shimmer, whatever you need is available in our specially curated Christmas bundles and packs. Let’s see what we have to offer:

  • Christmas 5ft Roll Bundle: This offers ten rolls that are 12” x 5ft in size. You will adhesive vinyl films in different cheerful colors and surface finishes adding a celebratory touch to your crafts. 
You can embellish your drinkware, ornaments, wood slices, and different hard, smooth, clean, and dry surfaces with it.  Since you will be getting a good roll size, you can create thematic decoration pieces to be displayed around your home. 
  • Christmas Crafts Vinyl Sheets Pack: In this, you will get 12 sheets of vinyl, 12 x 12 inches in size. These flamboyant sheets are sufficient for small craft projects and making beautiful Christmas cards. 
You can create Christmas-themed decals and smaller decorative elements embellishing ornaments, vases, and candle holders to display in your house. You can also use these to make personalized gifts for friends and family for which you do not need a lot of vinyl.
  • Christmas HTV Sheets Pack: This is also a pack of 12 sheets, 12 x 12 inches in size. This heat transfer vinyl can completely transform your apparel making you ready for some Christmas fun and partying.
You can use these to create beautiful Christmas table runners, chair covers, coasters, koozies, couch throws, and identical apparel for the family with special messages. There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to making soft decor items and shirts using our Christmas vinyl. 

In these bundle offers you will get vinyl films in amazing Christmassy colors with different finishes such as:

Holographic Vinyl

The unique and iridescent qualities of our holographic vinyl create a mesmerizing play of colors and light. It will add a dynamic and futuristic dimension to your Christmas crafts, lending a captivating holographic effect that shifts with the viewing angle. Its durable nature ensures long-lasting and vibrant holographic effects, enhancing the visual appeal of craft projects with a touch of enchantment.

Mirror Chrome

The mirror chrome vinyl exudes a stunning beauty that transforms ordinary projects into dazzling, attention-grabbing works of art. Its mirror-like finish reflects light brilliantly, creating a lustrous and eye-catching surface. The smooth and reflective quality of the vinyl adds glamor to crafts, making it perfect for high-impact decals, intricate designs, and personalized items for Christmas. 

Shimmer And Glitter 

If you want to infuse captivating beauty into your creative projects with a sparkling and enchanting allure, our shimmer and glitter vinyl is the right choice. The fine glitter particles embedded in the vinyl catch and reflect light, adding a glamorous and festive touch to any design. 

This specialty vinyl is not only visually striking but also adheres seamlessly to various surfaces for dazzling effects. With this vinyl, transform every creation into a radiant celebration of ingenuity this Christmas.

Create Amazing Crafts With Our Christmas Vinyl Collection!

This holiday season let’s transform our home into a paragon of fun, happiness, and endless festivities. Create an atmosphere that is in harmony with the spirit of Christmas with our special adhesive and heat transfer vinyl packs. So what are you waiting for? Gather all your tools, grab a bundle, and head for checkout!

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