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100% recommend , best htv I’ve ever tried , it’s like it really bonds to the material !

001G series 10ft Craft Vinyl (glossy)

Great vinyl!

I had just got into tech wrap so I went with the bundles so I could have a little of each color to see what I truly liked! I love them all! Just wish they had the ultra pink in one of the packs, and I also ended up getting gray and yellow because they didn’t come in the pack

Libby glass 16oz with Bamboo lid

These are my first purchase ever, and I received them in good condition and am happy! These are my practice glasses. I bought the straw separately from another shop.

001G Sheets Pack (Glossy)
Mariana Shevchuk

001G Sheets Pack (Glossy)

Bubble Free Mirror Chrome is the Perfect Name

It truly is bubble free mirror chrome. I absolutely love it! It was a dream to cut, weed, and apply. I am now trying to tell myself I don’t need it in every color… yet. Maybe just one or 2 at a time? 😂 It truly is fantastic and I will be purchasing all the colors eventually.

Heat tranfer paper

I followed all instructions exactly as it says in the package and after first wash it stared peeling, I did waited 2 day to wash them and tried in different brand shirts

Bubble Free Mirror Chrome 5ft Roll Bundle

Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl 5ft

Love it

Such pretty colors and I LOVE that plastic backing so much. I have filled the paper off many vinyl sheets before and this stuff peels so easily off the mat. I’m glad someone finally thought to do this instead of the paper! Colors are lovely and weeds well.

Glow In the Dark Vinyl
Heather Pottruff
Fun stuff

This is such a fun material to use. Easy to cut and weed. But test cut! My silhouette had to be at 23 pressure. It could be time to change my blade though, so make sure to treat your own. Anyway it’s such a pretty color in the light as well as the dark. Teckwrapt is amazing with customer service too. I made a mistake and realized it after I hit order, but they answered and dealt with it asap.

It is beautiful Vinyl!

I cannot wait to use it. Once I do my project I will let everyone know how it does and will update review.


I freaking love you guys you have never disappointed me! I got the Emerald green and this vinyl is deep, rich, easy to work with, and looks amazing on whatever I've put it on so far!! Will definitely be buying this again!! Plus y'all sent me samples, which just blew me away with how gorgeous they are!! Thanks for that 😆

001M Sheets Pack (Matte)
Jennifer Peters

001M Sheets Pack (Matte)

001M Sheets Pack (Matte)
Katie Cunningham

The colors are so pretty and it is so easy to weed!

good product

I love the way the vinyl looks and its easy to peel

Puff HTV Sheets Pack
Sandy Simonneau
Un joli effet gonflé

Le Puff HTV est très facile à echeniller, il se pose tout aussi facilement et donne un très joli effet gonflé. À voir si ça tient dans le temps.

Pleasantly impressed

I ordered a roll of black matte Teckwrap craft vinyl from Amazon last year and just wasn’t impressed. I’m a follower on Instagram and just adore the color selections they have. I decided to order directly from the site, I got the black reflective as well as the neon color changing sheet pack and I am very impressed! I’ll need to switch up my transfer tape for it but that’s not a big deal.
I replaced an old decal on my laptop with the black reflective and it turned out great! (Excuse the outline of the old decal, thing was on there for YEARS😅)
Can’t wait to try out the color changing pack I bought!

Gorgeous Results!

It was my first time using a foil HTV and I loved it! It was easy to use and turned out so nice!!

Colors poppin and stylin Spring bundle butterfly 🦋

My first wrap bundle on a Libby! I actually made a few errors but I did it. I will do layering with a guide triangle next time. I love the color palette 🎨

001G Sheets Pack (Glossy)
Lori O’Malley

Perfect if you don’t use a lot of permanent vinyl or are just getting started. Gives me a variety w/o taking up space

Rather disappointing

So i ordered 50 packs of this thinking from the advertising that it was compatible with outdoors but all my testing showed it wasnt i was let down by this so i contacted teckwrap and they informed me that you need to laminate them which was not stated on the advertising lucky i was refunded for the purchase and they have apparently changed the website to describe how you can use them in outdoor setting

Great vinyl

Absolutely love this vinyl. Great quality, and so many fun colors to pick from.

PU HTV Sheets Pack

Love all the colors. Super easy weeding. Will definitely be a repeat customer

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl 5ft Roll

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