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Metallic Satin Chrome Adhesive Vinyl

Sample Book Set
Diantha Hill

OMGOODNESS!! I am excited and amazed at the variety, and beautiful colors, and options, definitely a great purchase!!!

Fabulous but frustrating!

Once added to a project, this vinyl looks really, really fabulous. The colours and sheen are spectacular!
Getting it onto your project is the frustrating bit. I wasted a lot trying to get it to cut properly. Using a Maker, I found the only way to get out to cut was to use the setting for acetate. Then, it doesn't adhere to transfer tape, so can be really difficult to remove from the backing and put onto the project surface.
My advice .. try a small test project first to get the best settings before creating your actual design.

Tool Kit
ElIzabeth Jones
Order review

Arrived super fast! Vinyl is the best I have found so far so many choices! And love the motel key chains they are total vibes!

Love the product!👍🏼

Looking forward to future purchases…

New Color Changing

Love these vinyls! Easy to weed! Hope to have more color options…


I have tried countless brands of permanent vinyl only to be let down each time. Until I tried Teckwrap craft vinyl. This stuff has superior staying power, cuts and weeds like a dream, and comes in a gorgeous array of colors and finishes. The rainbow chrome is hands-down my go-to vinyl for adding that extra POP to my tumbler and resin projects.

Halloween Sheets Pack
Addison Smith
Fun variety!

The pack is so fun and the quality of the vinyl is top notch!


Never going to buy another brand!!! It’s so smooth and so easy to use!

Sample Book Set
Sherif Nabil
Sample book set review

Nice but not all the colors are included

Puff heat transfer vinyl

Definitely I like it

Motel keychain

It was a good addition on my small busienss.😊 Quality is 5 star same as the delivery.
Thank you teckwrap.🥰

Glow in the Dark Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

Excellent product

Chrome mirror vinyl

Love your product! I am still learning, but very easy to weed your vinyl!

Won’t be buying again

Unfortunately I won’t ever be using their flock again, it’s really bad quality for them to be such a popular brand and really needs an upgrade and improvements. It’s very thin, so thin that the color of the fabric show’s right through. The white turns to beige during the pressing process, so on a beige shirt you literally can’t see it. It weeds terribly because it’s so thin, everything lifts up so you have to go extremely slow to make sure the letters don’t peel away, which makes the process take forever. It also burns at times during the pressing process. I’ve never had this happen with any other brand that I’ve used, I decided to try them because they’re so popular for craft vinyl, but the flock is just a terrible grade and hopefully they see this and work to make it thicker, stronger, more durable. I think I’ll use what I have left for emergency purposes only and just go to hobby lobby, theirs is amazing quality. So for crafting I’m sure it’s great, for flock, buyer BEWARE

001G Sheets Pack (Glossy)

Great product missing items though

So the vinyl is great and the color changing effects are awesome. Only issue I had was that I received doubled up colors so I didn't get the Orange or Yellow which is what I needed for a project. The colors were doubled up I only received green, blue, purple and pink

Love them

Perfekt size

color selection

I received mine yesterday and its not a great color selection. I should of paid more attention but there was no yellow included which is odd because you would think yellow would of been in there. Too many pinks and greens.

color selection

I received mine yesterday and the color are pretty but its not a big color selection. I have not use it yet so not sure about the durability.

Creased and not 5ft long

I really loved the color but I did not receive the length ordered out of 5 foot I received 3ft, the wrapper pulled off the outer film of the color, and the vinyl was creased throughout causing me to be shorted even more.

Glow in the dark vinyl

I love the glow in the dark vinyl. I made some shirts for my family & I, & they came out awesome!

Love the color and look, but…

Love the shimmer and the look of it but my transfer tape WOULD NOT stick to it at all!!! Made transferring it so much harder!!

Neon cold color

Still haven’t used it but seams very pretty and really good quality

Sample Book Set
Alicia Rodriguez
Excelente !!

Me Encantaron todos y cada uno de los viniles que tienen, el Sample Book me ayuda mucho a la hora de hacer mi pedido y elegir de acuerdo a mis necesidades y gustos !! Todos deben tenerlo para que se den ideas de cómo utilizarlos !! 🙌🏻🌟

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