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Mermaid Weeding Pen
Sunny’s Art
Meine neues Lieblingstool!

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Weeding pen. Gerade bei feinen und filigranen Schriften und Motiven ist es wirklich einfach damit zu entgittern. Ich kann ihn wirklich nur empfehlen !

No straws

The glasses themselves are amazing no complaints, but you should include the straws with them when purchased so now your customer hast to go spend more money on straws for those glasses when we can get them all included from you

Amazon Bundle Sale
Kerri Moran
Love the colors

Love the colors in the Amazon bundle. Teckwrap is my new favorite go to vinyl!

Awesome Vinyl

I at first was extremely skeptical about this whole bubble free vinyl. I was so wrong and I hope that they can include this technology in all of their vinyls.

Fantastic product

Lovely vinyl to work with

Glitter Adhesive Craft Vinyl
Leanne Kummerfeld

Have not received my order yet

Valentines box

The vinyl are awesome. Its my second purchase and they never disappoint. I will make more purchases. Love the colours. Its vibrant. The vinyl stickers are easy to apply and they stick.

gorgeous color but fail

Love the brigh color but didn’t work for me I try what other wrote in video since no instructions was there and no luck it didn’t puff up for me at all very disappointed but it could just be cause Iam new but I follow every step and nothing puff up

Great for beginners

Works great had no bubble was surprised and Iam very new to this so glad it’s beginners friendly and great set of colors

Not a fan at all

I absolutely love your permanent vinyl- however, the HTV was the most challenging I have worked with, ever. I had to press it three times to adhere to regular cotton t -shirts at the time and temp suggested with med pressure on a 15x15 swing press. I tried cold peel, cool peel and warm peel and had issues with the letters adhering in all three instances. I will be returning the ten rolls I have on order when they arrive and stick with HTVRONT going forward.


I absolutely love your product.

Excellent Quality!

I just love the 001M series. There are so many amazing colours to choose from! It cuts and weeds perfectly and application is always great.

Sheet ruined after 1 use

I’m giving this 4 stars because I was only able to use a sheet once due to it peeling away and getting all wrinkled and mangled from the mat after one cut. However, the mirror chrome look and the colors is fantastic and shipping was quick and protective. I will precut the size down next time and hopefully it will work better.


Like you produce

Amazon Bundle Sale
Kristie Ramirez

I was extremely impressed with all the vinyl I purchased! Would definitely buy again!!

Opal Adhesive Vinyl

The quality is great I just don’t love the color as much as I thought I would. It looks different on the website.

PU HTV Sheets Pack
Julianne Haugh
Order Not Received

I have no review to give about this product or any in my order. It’s been 3 weeks and it’s taken a week and a half for anyone to respond to me about whether or not I’ll even be getting my order. On January 12th the tracking said it was in my state but it has been sitting there since then. Then 2 days later I get a notification that the tracking for my order is no longer updating. Today is January 27th. I finally got an email back after sending them 3 emails and trying to chat with someone online on the website (which turns out to just send them another email. No one actually shows up to chat with you. I wouldn’t have tried it if I knew it would just send another email) saying that I have to be more patient and the tracking will update. I would leave a customer service review but I can’t find a place for that. But thanks for reminding me that my order was apparently fulfilled 15 days ago and that you also agreed it should be to me by now. I will have an actual review for each product when/if I receive them.

Bubble free

It cut very smooth and easy to put on.


After reading reviews I cancelled my order, but somehow still received it. By surprise after using the vinyl making my badge reels, I found it was very easy to weed small intricate pieces. I give it 5 stars so far and will probably buy more!

PU HTV Sheets Pack
Samantha Cutting
sent another missing item

I was missing part of my order and they sent a replacement quickly. Very friendly and responsive!

Beautiful vinyl

This vinyl comes nicely packaged. It has vibrant colors and is easy to weed.

Handy but not well made

I ordered this and was using it fine until the zipper broke off after maybe 4-5 times of opening and closing it.. My daughter managed to get the zipper back on the first time and it was working again for another 3-4 times but then it just kept coming off more easily after every zip. My daughter tried to get the zipper back on and it wouldn't go back on any more times. Eventually, I just threw the zipper away and no longer close the bag. The one time I did close the bag it was really hard to get back open to the point I almost took scissors and cut the top off but my handy daughter got it to open with the Cricut weeding tool and her nails. It's worth having if you need it to store your tools in but just don't close the zipper or you'll lose it.

Love it!

All products from Teckwrap are amazing
Love the quality and colors

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