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New Arrivals Vinyl And Accessories

Crafting is a delightful way to channel your creativity and bring your imaginative ideas to life. To make your crafting experience even more exciting, we at TeckWrap Craft are thrilled to introduce our new arrival products!

We aim to innovate and bring new, premium quality vinyl, tools and other important paraphernalia for our ardent customers. For crafters, who love their work, there is always something to look forward to at TeckWrap Craft. With a vast array of vibrant colors, patterns, and finishes, these options provide endless possibilities for your art projects.

New in Our Superb Vinyl

We have top-of-the-line vinyl rolls for those who love to make their surroundings beautiful. You can create amazing crafts with different finishes such as matte, glossy, holographic, metallic and so on, both in adhesive and heat transfer vinyl. Here’s what we have just added to our collection:

  • Our bubble free vinyl series is equipped with air release channels that offer you extreme ease of application as there will be no bubbles or creases during the process. If you do come across one, you will be able to remove it without any hassle.
  • We have added Bubble Free Rainbow Holographic and Bubble Free Mirror Chrome to our collection. Hence you get immense beauty with ease. Rainbow Holographic brings a beautiful play of colors to your crafts while Mirror Chrome adds a brilliant specular shine with reflective qualities and amazing shades. 
  • What if your vinyl could change colors like a chameleon? Our amazing Chameleon Adhesive Vinyl does just that. It presents two tones of the same color when viewed in light from different angles. It is also overlaid with a layer of brilliant glitter giving you both the color shift and the shimmer. A perfect must-have for making gleaming crafts.
  • Glow in the Dark vinyl always mesmerizes the onlooker. Enhance its look further with an opalescent finish and a brilliant shade, and you get our most beautiful Opal Glow in the Dark Adhesive Vinyl. It absorbs light during the day and emits it when exposed to darkness at night. This is the perfect vinyl for decorating your kid’s room or making decorations for Halloween and other themed parties.
  • Metallic vinyl is an all-time favorite with its brilliant shimmer and amazing appearance. Add texture to this vinyl and you get an alluring film that will enliven your crafts and projects. We bring to you Textured Metallic and Mosaic Metallic Adhesive Vinyl in our new arrivals that is sure to enrapture everyone with its fine luster and beautiful pattern.
  • For those who work with HTV and love to create 3D designs we have added Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl in 18 amazing shades to our collection. This superb film rises or puffs up when heat is applied to it adding depth and dimension to your decal. Kids love to have Puff HTV designs on their shirts as it gives a captivating 3D effect to them.
  • We also offer Glitter Colorful White Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll. This is an exquisite film overlaid with flecks of glitter. And the best part is you get a 100 sheets’ pack of TeckWrap Craft Sublimation Paper with it. Get this amazing duo now to transfer alluring designs on compatible fabrics.  

New in Accessories

We take pride in the fact that TeckWrap Craft is a one-stop shop where you will not only find vinyl but related tools and accessories as well. Here’s what we have added to our arsenal:

  • One of the most important tools while working with adhesive vinyl is the transfer tape. We have added Grid Transfer Tape to our collection of tools. The grid helps in lining up the decals evenly on a substrate.The lines are not that sharp and the tape is otherwise transparent making it easy to align the design.
  • If you are looking for a perfect substrate for adhesive vinyl to create something distinctive and beautiful, visit the blanks section of our website. We have added Acrylic Bookmark Blanks to our set. You can create amazing identical bookmarks with it for yourself and your friends. You can even have your own book club where you can give these as souvenirs. 
  • If you love crafting and have a room set up where you have your work station, do not leave your vinyl films lying about. Organize them colorwise or according to their finish on our Vinyl Roll Storage with 24 compartments. The rolls are stored horizontally with adjustable elastic bands. You can readily see the color that you want to use and easily take it out for your craft. 

New in Sheets

If you do not want rolls, we have vinyl in sheets for you as well. Here are our new products:

  • For those who love to make cute stickers, we have Inkjet Printable Sticker Vinyl sheets. You will get a different number of varying sheets in a pack such as Holographic, Matte, Glow in the Dark and Glossy White. Choose whichever finish you love working with and create amazing stickers. 
  • To protect your vinyl stickers from daily wear and tear, get our durable and long lasting Cold Laminate Sheets. These are available in holographic and matte finish and will keep your vinyl stickers safe, enhancing their longevity.    
  • If you like coffee shades like brown, ivory white, light gold and vanilla, you will simply love our Coffee Sheets Pack. You will get sheets of different finishes in this as well such as satin chrome, textured metallic, matte, shimmer and mirror chrome.  

The Superb Features of Our New Products

Being a trusted provider of high-quality craft vinyl products, our new arrivals collection is a treasure trove for vinyl enthusiasts. Some features include:

Fresh Designs and Patterns: We bring you the latest trends and designs in the craft vinyl world. Discover eye-catching patterns, charming motifs, and unique textures that will make your projects truly stand out.

Exciting Colors and Finishes: Our collection offers a wide selection of vibrant colors and captivating finishes. Whether you are seeking bold and bright hues or subtle pastels, you will find the perfect vinyl to add that extra pop to your creations.

Inspire Your Imagination: Exploring our new arrivals is an invitation to let your creativity soar. The diverse range of options will inspire you to experiment with different techniques, mix and match colors and textures, and embark on exciting new projects.

Everything Under One Roof: With exciting additions popping up every now and then in our vinyl materials and other products, we have also expanded our catalog to include everything you need on your crafting journey. Choose from sublimation paper, acrylic blanks and much more!

The best part is that no matter what product you pick, we can ensure that you get supreme quality. Our vinyl is renowned for its durability so that your creations withstand the test of time. Whether you are designing decals, personalized gifts, or home decor items, we guarantee long-lasting results.

Our vinyl comes in different types, including adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl (HTV), each with its unique applications. Adhesive vinyl is ideal for creating stickers, labels, and decals, while HTV is perfect for customizing apparel, bags, garments, and accessories. You will even find printable vinyl and sublimation paper to help you pursue your artistic endeavors. 

TeckWrap Craft's new arrivals collection presents a golden opportunity to discover exceptional vinyl and other products. With our fresh designs, brilliant colors and quality materials, you can elevate your projects to new heights. Do not miss out on this chance to enhance your crafting experience. Visit our website and start exploring the endless creative potential of vinyl today!

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