Special Designs of Memorial Decals for Cars

memorial decals on cars
In Loving Memory Decal on Car
Image by Stilfehler from Wikimedia Commons


Losing those who are very dear to you can be heartbreaking whether it’s a family member, friend, or a beloved pet. Even if they are gone, you want to make something that would remind you of them. What a great way to do that than by making “In Loving Memory” decals for cars?

Placing memorial decals helps you to recover from grief and still feel close to them. You don’t need to spend so much on memorial decals. You can even make your design. This way, the decal becomes specifically designed for them.

Designs for Memory Decals

All-Text Design

memorial decal ideas
All-text Custom In Loving Memory Decal
Quote from US Urns Online


Words are not enough to express your grief towards the passing of a beloved. Though, simple and short words can lessen the pain that you feel. Like the sample design above, you can design the decal using beautiful and heartwarming quotations.

You can choose a quotation that best represents the deceased while they were still alive. To make the texts attractive, try using TeckWrap Craft’s color-changing vinyl. It will surely make the decal pop!

permanent adhesive vinyl

UV Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl in Light Blue

Winged or Angel Design

memorial vinyl decals
Eagle Wings Decal
Image from Open Clipart


Using angel wings or angels themselves for memorial decal design is simple but very meaningful. This design exudes the feeling of confidence and peace knowing that they are in a much better place and are no longer suffering. You can use TeckWrap Craft’s ivory white matte adhesive vinyl for this!

Floral Design

memorial vinyl decal on cars
Lotus Flower Design


Floral designs are very pleasing to look at. They could represent the beautiful life the deceased had when they were living. You can use colorful vinyl for the flowers to stand out. TeckWrap Craft’s galaxy rainbow adhesive vinyl will look nice!

Design for Pet

memorial decals on cars
Custom In Loving Memory Decal for Pets
Image from Public Domain Vectors

Pets are truly part of the family. This loyal family member lived at the service of their family. With that, they deserve to be immortalized. They deserve to have a memorial decal placed in your car. A reflective adhesive vinyl would look great on this decal!

permanent vinyl for decals

Reflective Adhesive Vinyl in yellow



What size are memorial decals?

When you want to position your decal at the back corner of your car window, your memorial decal should be 6” or 9” wide. You can opt for larger sizes such as 12”,15”, 18”, and 21” wide positioned at the center of the back window.

Why do people put in loving memory stickers on their car?

Custom memorial stickers on their car serve as a reminder of their lost loved one who has moved on to a better place. Placing a memorial decal on their car could be their way of managing their grief and eventually for them to move on.

Do decals ruin car paint?

No they do not. Putting memory decals on the car's body does not generally ruin the car's paint or even on car windows. On the contrary it protects the paint underneath. However, since it only a decal, when you remove it, this will leave the area with the original untarnished paint as compared to the rest of the car body's paint which have deteriorated due to exposure to the elements.

Another option is to use removable vinyl if you do not intend to keep the sticker on the car's surface for long, like seasonal events. Removable vinyl decals when used outdoors will last for only about a month.

A Word About "In Loving Memory” Vinyl Decals

Permanent outdoor vinyl is the recommended vinyl for memory car decal if you want it to last for years. It can withstand persistent rain, the intense heat of the sun, snow, and regular car washing. Permanent vinyl will not peel off easily. If you want a temporary sticker, use removable vinyl decals which last for about a month when used outside.

There are so many vinyl colors and patterns that you can use for your commemorative decal. TeckWrap Craft houses a feast of permanent adhesive vinyl that is great for car decals! Order your vinyl now and pour your heart out!


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