Black History Month Arts and Crafts Ideas

Black history month is celebrated every year to appreciate and commemorate the contributions of the African-American community. Not only in the United States, but in Canada and the United Kingdom as well.

If you’re a teacher or a parent thinking of black history month arts and crafts to teach the kids on how to appreciate African-American contributions to society, then you’ve landed on the right page. Here are some art projects the kids can do to celebrate black history month.

  1. Canvas Painting

Canvas Painting

Image from PxHere

Painting is a great activity for kids to express their emotions and convey their creativity. That's why painting on a canvas should be a must-do activity to commemorate black history month. The supplies needed are a canvas on frame and painting tools.

What can the children paint? Let them paint anything that’s related to black history month. Perhaps an artwork of their most admired African-American personality like Martin Luther King Jr. Or perhaps an abstract painting of the main colors of the celebration which are black, red, yellow, and green.

For paintings, they can also imitate works of art by famous African-American painters like Robert Colescott's American Art, "Shakespeare's Africans", Romare Bearden's "Christ Healing the Sick", or “The Eclipse” by Alma Thomas. If you’re on a budget, ditch the canvas on frame and let the kids paint on construction papers or hardbound white papers.

  1. Stickers on Keychains

Round Acrylic Keychain Blanks from TeckWrap Craft

Round Acrylic Keychain Blanks from TeckWrap Craft


If you have a cutting machine at home, one of the black history month crafts you can let the children do are stickers to be placed on keychains. Check out the photo above of the Round Acrylic Keychain Blanks from TeckWrap Craft. You can create custom stickers using craft vinyl from TeckWrap Craft that celebrates black history month.

Examples of these stickers can be vectors of icons like Katherine G. Johnson, the first African-American woman who worked as a Mathematician for NASA, as seen in the movie Hidden Figures. Or stickers of handprints, and let the children write a message of unity on the craft blank using an acrylic pen.

  1. T-Shirt Printing

Using acrylic fabric paint, a paintbrush, and a t-shirt, for black history month crafts, you can organize t-shirt printing activities for the kids. You can have the option to let the kids paint directly on the shirt, or teach them how to screen print. This is the perfect way for kids to celebrate black history month, and at the same time learn an art skill.

But if you have a cutting machine at home, you can print matching shirts for the kids using heat transfer vinyl. You’ll also need a household iron or even just a Mini Heat Press machine. What kind of print on the shirt can you do? Check out this image below, which you are free to grab.

You can print this in front of the t-shirt, so the kids can wear matching shirts for the celebrations. Then allow the kids to paint their names at the back in the most creative way that they can. Not only do they get free shirts, but they might show interest in t-shirt printing as well.

black history month t shirt ideas


  1. Mug Painting

Mug Painting

Image from Pexels by Gustavo Fring

What kind of craft can the children create and at the same time use for the long-term or perhaps a great gift idea? A mug would be the perfect piece of art. Allow the kids to unleash their inner creativity by allowing them to paint any artwork that commemorates black history month.

May it be the self-portrait of the famous African American inventor, Garrett Morgan, or maybe a portrait of former President Obama. Perhaps lines draw in dream clouds that famous black people quoted. Other famous black history month designs are paintings of little hands of different colors. Also, a painting of the traffic light (green light, red light, and yellow light).

These black history month activities for kids not only allow them to appreciate the black culture, but allow them to be as creative as they can. You’ll be surprised by the great ideas and bright colors you can paint on a mug.

If you’re thinking of projects for older kids, then perhaps you can teach them how to custom print on a mug using craft vinyl. If you have a cutting machine at home, you can cut and prepare the craft vinyl, and allow them to stick the vinyl as their art project. As the kids finish the project, they can use the mug at home or give them as a gift to their parents.

  1. Artwork Using a Construction Paper

Artwork Using a Construction Paper

Photo from PxHere

Another idea for black history month crafts and at the same time a fun activity for a happy toddler playtime is making artwork using construction paper. This is the appropriate project for kids from ages five to ten years old.

The kids can create black history month crafts by cutting construction papers and glue them to create beautiful works of art to celebrate black history month. They can also create origamis, paper flowers, or anything work of art significant to black history month.

Artwork Ideas for Black History Month Craft

For black history month activities, here are some craft ideas you can draw inspiration from:

  • Portrait of African-American mechanical engineer like Granville Woods (Known famous for his contributions during the Civil War)
  • Portrait of African-American inventors like Garrett Morgan
  • Portrait of famous African-Americans in history like Ruby Bridges
  • Portrait of African-American scientists like George Washington Carver
  • Paintings or the portrait of the African-American artist, Alma Thomas (the first African-American woman to hold a solo exhibition in New York)
  • Portrait of the mother of the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks
  • Paintings of black enslaved people

Let Us Celebrate Black Americans!

The celebration of black history month helps little ones and students appreciate the sacrifices and contributions of African Americans to help save the nation in history. Furthermore, this is the time to celebrate the rich cultural heritage, triumphs, achievements, and adversities experienced by the African-American community.

That’s why it is important to commemorate black history month by letting children create works of art to express their creativity. Aside from creating beautiful artworks, it is of utmost significance that the children learn the history and appreciate what African-Americans have contributed to society.

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