Inkjet Printable Sticker Vinyl

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Inkjet Printable Sticker Vinyl

Colorful and vibrant stickers have always been a source of sheer joy for young and old alike. They are used to embellish various surfaces enlivening the overall outlook. What if you can create your own stickers, personalized little art pieces that depict your ingenuity and are an extension of your persona? This is what the Inkjet Printable Sticker Vinyl at Teckwrap Craft allows you to do. 

With our premium quality sticker vinyl sheets, you can explore endless possibilities. Their different surface finishes give you room to explore and create magical stickers that will surely win praise. Let’s see their beautiful characteristics!

Features and Specifications

    • Durable and long lasting.
    • Strongly recommend using laminate sheets over sticker vinyl 
    • Strong adhesion.
    • Smudge free printing.
    • Ensures vibrant print results.
    • Size: A4 (8.5x11 inches).
    • Types: Holographic Printable Sticker Vinyl (15PCS); Matte White Printable Sticker Vinyl (15PCS); Assorted Holo Printable Sticker Vinyl (16PCS); Glow in the Dark Printable Sticker Vinyl (8 PCS); and Glossy White Sticker Vinyl (15PCS).
    • 14 PCS Holographic Laminate Sheets (NON-PRINTABLE): holo, butterflies, hearts, stars, sparkles, glass flower and galaxy stars
    • 15 PCS Fancy Laminate Sheets(NON-PRINTABLE): 3D cat eye, matte glitter, glossy clear, rainbow and holo pentagram
    • Matte Clear Laminate Sheets(NON-PRINTABLE): 15PCS/Pack
    • Glossy Clear Laminate Sheets ( NON-PRINTABLE): 15PCS/Pack

 Caution: Please keep the vinyl in the folder when not in use.

Superb Features of Our Printable Sticker Vinyl 

If you have already worked with different mediums to make stickers, you must be well aware of the fact that these can be easily printed on sticker paper as well. However, since paper is easily perishable, stickers made with it are not long-lasting and can only be used indoors.

We know that stickers are an all time favorite for decorating or personalizing everyday items, and there are many die hard fans who love to create their own fare. Hence it is worthwhile to make these more durable and a printable vinyl sheet is the best option.

Our Inkjet printable sticker vinyl has several key characteristics that contribute to its overall quality and usability. It has a strong and reliable adhesive that adheres well to various surfaces, ensuring that the stickers stay in place once applied. It is also resistant to peeling, curling, or lifting. 

It is long lasting and able to withstand different environments and handling. You can apply it on different smooth surfaces provided they are perfectly clean and dry. It is resistant to fading, tearing, water, and UV rays. This ensures that the stickers maintain their color, vibrancy, and integrity over time, whether they are used indoors or outdoors.

As far as printability is concerned, our sticker vinyl provides excellent print quality, allowing vibrant colors and sharp details to be reproduced accurately on the stickers. The images printed on it do not discolor, bleed, or run when in contact with water.

Designing With Our Printable Sticker Vinyl

Working without Inkjet printable vinyl is completely hassle free. All you have to do is visualize a design and create it on the graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or free alternatives like Canva or Inkscape. Once you are satisfied with the color setting and final look, load the sticker vinyl into your printer and print. Allow the printed stickers to dry completely before proceeding to the next step. 

If you don't have access to a cutting machine, you can use scissors or a craft knife to cut out your stickers. Carefully follow the outline of your design, ensuring precise cuts. If you have a cutting machine, import your design into the software provided with it. Follow the software instructions to set up the cutting machine. Load the sticker vinyl into it and let it cut out your design. 

Our printable sticker vinyl is compatible with all cutting machines. Once the design is cut, carefully peel off the backing of the sticker, revealing the adhesive side. Place the sticker onto the desired surface, making sure to apply it evenly and without air bubbles. Smooth out the sticker with your hand or a squeegee to ensure proper adhesion.

Our vinyl can adhere to any smooth, dry and clean surface such as metal, glass, tin, plastic, ceramic, paper, and cardboard. 

The Versatile Printable Sticker Vinyl

Our printable sticker vinyl sheet can be used in many creative ways. You can decorate almost anything - from water bottles, cell phone cases, wine bottle labels, laptops, notebooks, coffee mugs, home decor items, and many more. Below are some of the ideas.

printable sticker paper

Label for Water Bottle, Mug, or Tumbler

If you have been so used to applying vinyl on your mugs, tumblers, or water bottles, maybe it is about time to try vinyl stickers for a change. You can create more colorful and exciting designs with vinyl sticker labels.

printable sticker paper

Promotional Stickers

Another use of printable sticker vinyl is for making promotional stickers that contain your company’s logo. You can give these to your customers as a small token of appreciation for supporting your business. The stickers can also be used on packaging, storefront windows, promotional merchandise, and trade show displays.

printable sticker paper

The best thing about promotional vinyl stickers is that you can stick them on your car or window as well. These are fully waterproof, and you don’t have to worry about the sticker design getting damaged.

Cellphone and Other Electronics

Vinyl stickers are frequently used to customize laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and other electronic devices. They can add a touch of personal style or showcase interests and fandoms. You can make your laptop or cellphone extra unique and exciting by creating vinyl sticker decals! 

Since TeckWrap Craft’s printable vinyl sticker paper is wide enough, you may cover your laptop with inspirational messages to keep you motivated when you are hard at work.

Scrapbook Embellishments

If you love scrapbooking or decorating your notebooks and albums, you should definitely try our printable vinyl sticker sheet. You get to enjoy highly durable stickers in great color combinations.

Bedeck the Walls

Vinyl stickers can be used to enhance the decor of interior walls. They are often used in nurseries, children's rooms, and play areas to add colorful and fun designs. They can also be used as wall decals or quotes to personalize living spaces.

Events and Celebrations

Vinyl stickers are often used for special events, parties, and celebrations. They can be used for decorations, name tags, party favors, or to indicate seating arrangements.

Signage and Wayfinding

You can use our printable sticker vinyl for creating temporary or semi-permanent signs and wayfinding elements. They can be used indoors or outdoors to provide directions, safety information, or promotional messages.

Sports Equipment and Gear

With vinyl stickers, you can personalize sports equipment such as helmets, skateboards, surfboards, and bikes. They can also be used for team logos, player numbers, or sponsorship branding.

Remember to ensure proper surface preparation and application techniques when using vinyl stickers to achieve the best results and longevity.

The Variety We Offer

At Teckwrap Craft, we have something for everyone. Whether you like high shimmer or a completely toned down look, we have a printable sticker vinyl sheet to suit your needs. You can choose from the following surface finishes: holographic, matte, glossy and glow in the dark. All these are available in A4 standard-size sheets, giving you enough room to create large designs or make multiple small designs with well-defined details. 

printable sticker paper

Holographic Printable Vinyl Sticker

If you want your stickers to present an amazing display of colors when viewed from different angles in light, this is the sticker vinyl for you. It has a high shimmer factor and looks amazing, especially when used for decorating different surfaces for parties and other events. 

You can get 15 sheets of this sticker vinyl. It is also available in Holographic Pillar Printable Vinyl. This pack has a linear holographic effect. If you want different holographic surface designs, opt for our Assorted Holo Printable Vinyl pack with 16 pieces of amazing vinyl sheets. 

Matte White Printable Sticker Vinyl 

If you are not too fond of shine and want your stickers to have a completely muted, toned down look, this is the pack for you. These sticker vinyl sheets are perfect for promotion and branding, and making labels for various bottles and jars. It has 15 sheets that can also be used for decoration if it is a formal event and you do not want the stickers to have any kind of luster. 

Matte White Printable Sticker Vinyl (15PCS)

Glossy White Printable Sticker Vinyl 

These vinyl sheets have a glossy sheen, giving them a captivating look. These are plain white with a hint of shimmer and are most commonly used to make stickers, especially party decorations, labels, window stickers, and the ones used for promotion and branding. It has 15 sheets giving you ample room to print and display your personal designs.

Glow in the Dark Printable Sticker Vinyl

This is our magical sticker vinyl sheet that illuminates when lights are turned off. It absorbs light in the daytime and radiates it back at night, when it is exposed to complete darkness. This sticker is perfect for decorating your kid’s room or planning a Halloween party. You will get eight A4 size pieces of this vinyl that are perfect for the look. 

Holographic Laminate Sheet

Laminating stickers is a common practice to protect them from wear and tear, water damage, and fading. Applying a laminate sheet over the sticker provides a protective barrier and helps extend its lifespan. 

Our holographic laminate sheets add a stunning visual effect to your stickers, creating an eye-catching and unique appearance. They are designed to create a multi-dimensional effect that reflects and diffracts light, producing a rainbow-like shimmer or an illusion of depth. 

Holographic laminate sheets are dynamic and attention-grabbing, making your stickers stand out. They protect the stickers making them more durable and long lasting. We give you 14 pieces of these wonderful laminate sheets.  

Get Your Printable Sticker Vinyl Sheets Now!

It’s time to decorate that mundane surface that has been an eyesore in an otherwise colorful environment. Once you buy from us, you will definitely come back for more. Grab your own set of printable vinyl sticker sheets from Teckwrap Craft and start making some magical crafts!

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Jessica Raymond

Inkjet Printable Sticker Vinyl


its a bit of a sticky texture but holds color really well and doesnt smudge, even when written/drawn on with pen


Never jams printer.


Love great quality


So pretty

Inkjet Printable Sticker Vinyl

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