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Welcome to our comprehensive collection of vinyl crafting tools and accessories! Whether you are a seasoned vinyl enthusiast or just starting your crafting journey, we have everything you need to create stunning designs and bring your creative ideas to life. 

Explore our range of premium quality products designed to enhance your vinyl crafting experience. Each item has been meticulously designed to suit your needs and give you the best value for money. From samples to appealing accessories, we have got it all to inspire your craftsmanship. Here’s what you can get your hands on: 

TeckWrap Craft Vinyl Roll Storage

This is an amazing wall-mounted solution for vinyl storage that will keep your rolls organized and protected. Our Vinyl Roll Storage is designed to hold various sizes of film rolls securely with broad black elastic bands, ensuring easy access and preventing damage or creasing. You can organize your vinyl rolls by type or color, whatever your setup is. 

It also has small pockets for keeping weeding pens, tweezers, craft knives and so on. Whether you want to hang it on the door, wall or closet, the choice is yours. This is not only an efficient way of keeping vinyl rolls but also saves a lot of space, keeping your room clutter free.   

Silicone Slap Bracelets

No need to put a rubber band around vinyl rolls. It might leave its mark, damaging the surface of your vinyl. Use our Silicone Slap Bracelets instead. With commendable grip, these are a lot more convenient and add a touch of style and functionality to your crafting routine keeping vinyl rolls perfectly fastened. The TeckWrap Craft logo proudly displayed in black on these multi-colored bracelets adds a professional touch. 

Sample Book Set

This is one of our best-selling items among novice and professional crafters alike. With our Sample Book Set you can see and feel the texture of different vinyl materials available at TeckWrap Craft. 

The collection features four sample booklets of assorted film samples, allowing you to explore various colors, textures, and finishes before committing to a full roll. These include Basic color 001 series, Opal and Holographic, Pattern and Color Change, and Patterned Holographic and Glitter.  Plus you also get a weeding pen with it. How cool is that?

Sample Kit

If you don’t want the book set with four samples, you can get individual booklets as well. Each kit has 1.63"x4.72" sample sheets in different kinds of vinyl. You can choose from the following five collections: 001 series, Opal and Holographic, Pattern and Color Changing, Patterned Holo and Glitter, and New Arrivals. Our kit gives you the liberty to buy as many sample sets as you want. 

Mini Squeegees

A squeegee is a very important tool when it comes to crafting with vinyl. If you love to work on amazing projects and seek perfection, get our mini squeegees and achieve smooth and precise application. This compact tool is designed for easy handling and efficient removal of air bubbles and creases, ensuring a professional finish on your projects. 

Our squeegees are soft with an anti-slip design making them easy to hold and grip. They are flexible and have a felt edge so as not to leave any marks or scratches on your vinyl films. Our abrasion-resistant squeegees are available in two sizes so you can buy the one you are more comfortable using. 

Clasping and Weeding Tools

Tweezers: The tweezers at TeckWrap Craft are perfect for lifting, clasping and removing negative vinyl pieces from your design. If you like superb precision, these are a must-have. Made with the best materials, they provide excellent grip and control, allowing you to handle small vinyl pieces with ease, assuring delicate weeding and intricate design work. 

Weeder: Our sleek and stylish weeder with an angular tip is an ideal tool for removing negative vinyl. Made of sturdy stainless steel, It does not bend or break, allowing you to weed with speed and accuracy. 

Weeding Pens: These are excellent for removing extra vinyl pieces from your design when it has been carved with a vinyl cutter. They are lightweight  and perfect for precision weeding and releasing air bubbles. You can get our weeding pens in different designs such as Mermaid and Glitter Sparkle. And if you like the plain look, you can also get it in an elegant black and silver color. 

These have a stainless steel nib that helps in lifting and removing even the smallest pieces of vinyl from an intricate design effortlessly. They have an ergonomic grip, so you can work for long without worrying about pain in your hands. 

Cutting Mats

When using a craft or die cutter to carve out your vinyl designs, it is important to save the surface beneath from getting blade marks. Hence we present the best quality cutting mats at TeckWrap Craft. These have an excellent, long lasting tack that holds your vinyl in place while the machine does its job. 

The grid on the mat helps in correct placement of the vinyl and makes it convenient to measure the size you need to ensure accuracy. Our self-healing mats provide a durable and resilient surface, allowing clean and precise carving every time. They come with a wax sheet that helps in preserving their adhesiveness when not in use. It also keeps hair, dust and debris from developing on their surface and reducing tack.

Opal Tool Pouch

If you have already bought our tools, then you would definitely love our Opal Tool Pouch that helps you organize and keep them all in one place. No more worrying about misplacing your favorite weeding pen or squeegee. Simply use it and keep it all in one place in the tool pouch. Blue in shade, it offers ample capacity to keep all your necessary paraphernalia and you can take them out whenever you are crafting something new and exquisite. 

Tool Kit

If you need all the tools then instead of buying them separately, purchase our tool kit that includes a selection of essential accessories like squeegee, tweezer, weeding pen, and cutting mats, all conveniently packaged in a single pack. This is a perfect set for novices who have just joined the vinyl crafting bandwagon. Don’t forget to buy the pouch for the kit. 

Upgrade your crafting experience with our range of quality accessories. From storage solutions to precise weeding tools, we have everything you need to unleash your creativity and achieve professional results. Start exploring our collection today and elevate your vinyl crafting projects to new heights!

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