6 Creative Men’s Party Table Decorations and Other Decor Ideas

6 Creative Men’s Party Table Decorations and Other Decor Ideas

Pre-wedding parties or birthdays are some of the happiest celebrations anyone is looking forward to. Whether a pre-wedding or a birthday party preparation, it is great to plan out but may cost you an arm and a leg. That is why so many people opt not to celebrate their birthdays at all.


You don’t have to spend too much on planning a pre-wedding or birthday party. You can make your party spectacular and interesting without breaking the bank.

If you plan early, you can come up with a more personalized, unique, and budget-friendly party decoration. This article lists the amazing table decorations men’s party idea decor that can help you with your planning.


Add Your Personal Touch

To keep the festivities alive, you need to put up party decors. This will make the celebrant feel the honor and love on their birthday. You put up decorations for the celebrant and also want your guests to be in a celebratory mood. 


What better way to express your love for the groom or birthday celebrant, than doing a pop of DIY accessories to create the party decorations.


Birthday party decorations for babies and women are elaborate and use different colors. Men's party decor ideas, on the other hand, are simple, laidback, two-toned colored, and elegant.


Parties for men often use the color combinations of white and blue, black and silver, and black or gold.


Table Ideas for Men’s Party Decorations

Name Toppers

Toppers are not only great for cake decorations but they can also be used to top off your table centerpiece. You can create name toppers using either acrylic or plastic materials. These can easily be found in craft shops.


You can personalize these toppers using holographic or opal vinyl. You can make wonderful birthday designs using a cutting machine. You can choose a nice font style to create the name of the birthday celebrant. You may place these toppers in the middle of the flower arrangement.


men's party table decoration ideas

Cake Topper Designs from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Labeled Glass Mugs or Beer Glasses

Before your guests arrive, you can place glass mugs with fancy decals beside their plates. You can label the mugs with “Thank you for coming!” This serves a dual purpose for aside from being part of the table decor, your guests can bring these mugs home as party favors.


You can use permanent vinyl for this DIY project. Each guest will leave with the perfect souvenir and a memorable experience.


To make it more interesting, you can decorate your party glasses with color-changing vinyl. When you pour cold beverages or beer, it changes color! Not only will you enjoy your beer, you will also be fascinated with the decal.


men's personalized party table decorations with vinyl

Glass mug with Permanent Vinyl from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


men's party decor ideas

Drinking Glass with Color-Changing Vinyl from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


glass tumbler from teckwrapcraft

Beer glasses are available for Purchase at the TeckWrap Craft Website


Acrylic or Glass Centerpiece

Another great idea for a table centerpiece is an acrylic or glass food platter! Wouldn’t it be nice to munch on some goodies while sitting down and engaging in a lively conversation with other party guests?


Aside from decorating the centerpiece with food, you can make it more interesting by placing a vinyl decal. You can use removable vinyl so you can recycle the platter again for your next party.


personalized party decors

Circular Centerpiece from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Lantern Centerpiece

Lantern centerpieces can make any celebration warm and elegant. To make your lantern centerpiece more interesting, you can choose a lantern style where there is a big space for a vinyl decal. You can make a vinyl design saying, “Happy 70th Birthday, Grandpa”!


personalized party decors

Lantern with burning candle Centerpiece

Image by March Verch from Flickr


Other Ideas for Birthday Party Decorations

Balloon Garland

Aside from decorating the tables, you can also spice up the entire party space with balloons. A party is more fun with balloons! Using balloons as decorations is so versatile. You can place them on the wall, hang them on the ceiling or tie them up on the chairs.


 The balloons’ beauty can stand out more if you personalize it with vinyl. You can customize it with text like: “Happy Birthday, Dad”!

Balloon Setup Idea by @bundleofballoons from TeckWrapCraft Instagram Page


Acrylic or Glass Sign

Another wonderful addition to your party decorations is an interesting sign placed at the entrance of the party venue. The sign will inform your guests that they have arrived at the correct location and that the celebrant is waiting for them. With removable vinyl, you can easily spice it up!

Welcome Sign on Acrylic or Glass from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


It’s Time to Send Out the Invitations!

Are you excited and inspired to plan your husband’s or son’s birthday party? You can also use the decoration ideas above to plan your dad’s or brother’s upcoming birthday. You don’t have to spend so much to make your parties beautiful. DIY is the trick you need to transform any party into an amazing one.


If you plan early, you can prepare more elaborate DIY decorations. However, if you are short on time, there are so many great decor ideas that you can make at the last minute.


For your party DIY decorations, visit TeckWrap Craft’s website to view its vinyl collection. Surely, you will be using a lot of removable vinyl for it is easy to use, apply, and convenient to remove after the party. Happy crafting!

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