Great Last-Minute Homemade Birthday Gifts for Mom She’ll Surely Love


These last-minute homemade birthday gifts for mom, wife, sister or even grandma are great gift ideas and a surefire way to make them feel special not only on their birthday but also on Mother’s Day, Christmas, or any day you choose to make them feel that way- special.

Low on budget? Cannot go shopping? Believe in giving something you made yourself is better than buying a gift that costs a lot? There are lots of gift ideas that mom will surely love.

What to give your mom, wife, sister, or even grandma that they will remember even if you have all built your families away from home?

Certainly, giving them expensive things will light up their eyes, but you know what? They will remember the gift that made their hearts warm with feelings and eyes flow with tears they could not hide.

This blog will give you ideas on what to give a mom for her special day. Creating something for your mother is not only fun but will surely be very memorable.

What can I gift my mom on her birthday that is homemade?

Now that you are thinking of warming your mom’s heart and wanting to see those tears of joy and love for you to show up just like she did when you were still kids, you start thinking of a gift that is homemade. A gift that you know will touch her deeply.

These last-minute handmade gifts for mom will not cause you $$$, but will surely show how thoughtful you are. These handmade gifts can even be made by a child.

Yes, most of these gift ideas that spell a great Happy Birthday or Mother’s Day greeting need minimum parental supervision.

Health and Wellness DIY Birthday Gifts

Your mom, as you know well, is the most hardworking person in your family. She never seems to get tired. But you know she does, and she needs a good rest especially at night. So let’s help her think of self-care.

DIY Sleep masks


So, why not give her a customized sleeping mask? Create a design that she’ll surely love. There are also cute templates online. This is something you’ll have fun creating.

One tip, do you know that silk is best for the face? Yes, its softness is so gentle to the skin so if you use it for your pillows, and even your DIY birthday or mother’s day gifts sleep masks, your skin is being taken care of.

How to make your own homemade sleep mask?

Step 1 Prepare the materials

Prepare every needful thing: your choice of a cloth that has your fave design, scissors, ruler, elastic, thread, a pencil, and batting.

Step 2 Research and Print

Research then print the pattern. This is super easy for there are lots of free patterns online available for download.

Step 3 Cut the pattern

Cut the pattern. To create the mask, you need to use two different layers of cloth or fabric. Pin the pattern to the cloth of your choice.

Step 4 Batting preparation

Prepare the batting by cutting just one layer of it. You must purchase something that’s thick and comfortable. By the way, batting is cotton or sometimes woolen wadding that is used in quilts and mattresses.

Step 5 Measuring the elastic

Measure the elastic from the top of the mask down then pin just to somehow have a good measure of it. Make sure to do this from one side of the fabric, then repeat this on the other side. 

Step 6 Sew the elastic

Sew the elastic in place. Do not forget to sew the elastic first on both sides rather than just pinning them first before sewing. Sewing them firsthand will ensure that they remain stable and in one place.

Step 7 Mark the center curve

Mark the center curve that is the part where your nose should be, the mask is located above your nose. This mark ensures that the center curve will be sewn accurately later. Mark the stitching with a marking pen that could be erased with water.

Step 8 Pin the fabric

Pin the cloths or fabrics together, be sure the batting is always at the bottom. And the elastic away from the stitch line.

Step 9 Put the layers

Put the layers together. Be sure to have a seam allowance, a ⅜ inches allowance will do, before you sew all the way through the mask.

Step 10 Trim the seam allowance

Trim the seam allowance once you’re done sewing the seam together. Only trim a part of it not right from the top, ¼ of an inch will be fine.

Step 11 Tuck the allowance

Tuck the allowance once you have smoothen the curves using a ruler. Push the ruler into the inside to smoothen from the inside. This will make sure it will maintain the shape before you sew it all together.

Step 12 Fold the allowance

Fold the seam allowance pushing it to inside. This may take long but make sure you create a smooth line so this process is a must.

Step 13 Lock the opening

Lock the opening by using the same thread color and sewing it through, the same size as the seam allowance you made.

Step 14 Press the finished product

Finally, the face mask you made with your own two hands is ready to be pressed to look nice and neat.

Coffee Mugs

Hot tea or coffee in the morning is perhaps the usual ritual of moms. And since they always forget what day it is, it will be better to help them remember by making this DIY gift mug or mugs if you want to.

DIY Coffee Mug Ideas to Remember

DIY mug ideas for mom

A coffee mug with daily reminders printed on them is a great gift. Not only that it will really be very pleasing to the eyes and to your mom’s memory.

You may want to make a day of the week mug, to have a complete set for your mom, with other things you need to put on it like her best quotes, expressions, or even her favorite things!

And speaking of mug designs, vinyl is a great choice because of its adhesive strength and unlimited color and design choices.

TeckWrap Craft Vinyl has a wide range of choices to choose from. Enjoy putting your creative inspiration to reality!

Step 1 Shop for the following or maybe recycle some that you already have:

  • Mug with color or design that you want
  • Cicut cutting machine with accessories like adhesive mat and scraping tool
  • TeckwrapCraft Vinyl for the mug prints and the transfer tape vinyl
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

Step 2 Download Templates for Your Mug

There are lots of designs available for you to download to use for your DIY mugs.

There are also lots of links for the step by step instructions on the internet that can help spark your ideas to create the best mug for mom's special day.

Step 3 Follow everything in the guide and you won’t be wrong.

The DIY guides available for free over the internet are great and really helpful; with patience and creativity you’ll have the best mug design for your mom.

Plants on Lovely Pots

gift ideas for mom

Why not gift her this homemade gift she could never resist looking at each day. Plants on a lovely pot!

Advantages of Giving Plants on Lovely Pots

The best air filter is no less than - plants on cute lovely pots. These will be excellent mother’s day gifts or birthday gifts for your mom.

You definitely know the natural benefits that plants give. Your mom would surely want to breathe fresh air all the time. 

You may think of plants in all shapes and sizes, but knowing where your mom could place them would give you the idea of what size would be a perfect gift.

What Plants Should You Give?

You may choose from favorite orchids, tiny succulents than can fit on a narrow windowsill, or plants that can be very big when they grow like the palm plants. So, it really depends on the space your mom has in her own home.

Then, the plant would have a pot. Make sure the pot will be something that she’ll remember for the rest of her life. And how do you do that? Cover your pot with vinyl that you may design however you want.

There are opal types of vinyl, satin chrome, glow in the dark, and lots of different designs to choose from. You’ll know what to create for sure!

Fresh Flowers is Still One of the Best Gift Ideas

gift ideas for mom

Photo from Canva

The classic fresh flowers will surely fill any mother with love for the giver. The classic flowers are still one of the best gift ideas.

Give your Flowers a Twist

You could give your flowers a twist, a unique take to it by putting the design on the vase. Decorate it with her favorite designs, or better yet, you may purchase something great from a flower shop that offers both flowers and vases.

Like the picture above, the flowers were put in a large transparent vase and are used as a living room table decoration.

Your Self-Designed Handmade Quilt

homemade quilts as a mom

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

Keeping mom warm and cozy with your owned designed handmade quilt never goes out of style.

Why are Handmade Quilts one of the Best Gift Ideas?

Why would it be? We know how moms love things that will make them remember great memories. What more with a quilt that has all your unforgettable memories together?

How to Make a DIY Pillow Case Quilt

You may handmade a quilt by first finding fabrics that are her favorite colors or designs that will bring back great memories you both have.

You could also put patches to match those memories like pancakes for your favorite breakfast, or tulip patches for her favorite flower. Be creative and resourceful!

STEP 1 Prepare the materials

  1. Pillow insert, any size you want for the pillow of your choice
  2. Sewing supplies, thread, scissors, and the sewing machine
  3. Your choice of fabric for the front cover with the design of your choice just make sure it is 1” smaller than your pillow insert.
  4. Batting for the pillow top which is the quilted part. A 100% cotton batting is suggested. Make it at least 1” larger than the pillow top so will fit into the space during quilting.
  5. Fabric for the back part of the pillow, two pieces. Remember, it should also be 1” smaller than the pillow insert
  6. Fabric to bind the pillow later
  7. Zipper and pins

STEP 2 Make your pillow top by sewing all the pieces together using your chosen pattern.

STEP 3 Make your quilt sandwich

The sandwich will have three layers:

  1. the top part of the pillow (where the quilt is); 
  2. the batting which is 1” larger than your pillow top;
  3. the fabric for the back part of the pillow (which could be just an ordinary fabric as it will be on the inside of the pillow)

STEP 4 Start quilting 

Depending on the style that you want for the quilt on the pillow top, you start sewing. If you are in doubt there is not only a little help available online and many DIY links are also shared.

STEP 5 Trim the batting

Trim the excess batting once you’re done with the quilting. 

STEP 6 Attach the zipper

Attach the zipper to the back cover.

STEP 7 Bind the Pillow

The bind you will put on your pillow will serve as the border that will hold the edges of your pillow together.

STEP 8 Stuff it with your insert

Now is the time to stuff it with your insert!

DIY Textured Knitted Pillow

Well, this is not something that you could make in minutes but you could always plan ahead to prepare for her special day and create the crocheted pillow she’ll truly love.

There are cute and free designs that you could find on the internet. Just a sprinkle of resourcefulness and creativity is what you need. She’s gonna love this for sure!

There are useful links to shop and find little help for doing this handmade gift that you can just search over the web . With a bit of patience and also a bit of creativity you could create something cute and memorable for mom.

textured pillow as gift idea for mom

Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels

DIY Essential Oils

essential oils for moms

There is a customizable Reed Diffuser to match the essential oils that you’ll give your mom for her birthday or mother’s day. Fill her home with the scent that you know she loves, or you could combine scents until you find the best scent for her.

Bath Bombs for a Fun Surprise for Mom

bath bombs for mom

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Another one of the great mom's special day.DIY gifts is a bath bomb. Bath bombs are great ideas nowadays especially with the rise of the need for wellness and spa.

They could be in different colors and scents that your mom would surely love. A well-designed gift box would also fit your perfect mother’s gift.


A bit of history. These bathing bombs were inspired by Alka-Seltzer tablets that the “Aqua Sizzlers” were invented in 1989 by Lush Cosmetics co-founder Mo Constantine. They later evolved into the what it’s called today.

DIY Gift Ideas that You Can Give your Mom Who Loves to Cook

Most moms love to be in the kitchen, to cook hearty meals for the family, and to keep the kitchen spick and span clean. So, giving these homemade gifts for moms who love to cook will surely be a great mom's special day gift or DIY gift idea for all occasions.

A Bowl of Her Favorite Utensils

One of the best homemade gifts that your mom will surely love is a bowl of her favorite utensils. Those that you think she would love to have more in her kitchen!

In a big mixing bowl, you could load spatulas, mixers, baking utensils, a cheese shredder, a new can opener, and insert her favorite colored hand towels.

You may also personally design your bowl using vinyl. Then entirely cover it with a plastic cover with the color of your choice and lock it with a matching ribbon.

Handmade Gifts for Mothers Who Love Memorabilia

A DIY Card

birthday or mother's day card

For mothers who love words, written or spoken, a personalized card will never go out of style. See how all the cards you’ve given her are carefully kept in the safest place in your house? And have become memorable parts of her life? That’s how she loves them!

This time, add a twist to the card by recording a video of you making the card for her, talking to her in the video, singing to her, or anything you would like to give your mom and even your friends, as a meaningful tribute.

She will surely be in tears!

A DIY Family Photos Wall Art For an Artistic Mom

pics of mom in frame

Photo by Azra Tuba Demir from Pexels

Although a picture frame is really a memorable mother’s day gift or birthday gift, in this case, you may add a twist to how you present the photos. Why not make wall art, instead?

Make a wall art that can hold all her memorable photos. Be artistic and creative by using materials that she likes like maybe wood, paper arts, minimalist designs, or colorful, depending on how you think your mom would like it.

These handmade gifts are not only gift ideas for mother’s day, father’s day, or as Christmas gifts.

Cute Pipe Cleaner Flowers Your Mom Will Surely Love

pipe cleaners for moms

Photo from Canva

Oh, Pipe cleaners. What are they? Pipe cleaners were originally for cleaning smoking pipes. Eventually more uses for them have been thought of and made them useful especially for clean-obssessed moms, like cleaning kid's reusable straws, rims of feeding bottles, cleaning jewelry, and more! 

pipe cleaners as gifts for moms

They are now made from all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, designs. The best thing about them is their ability to be bent because of the wire inside, and this makes them fun to use. This way they are favored to be designed as flowers of assorted colors.

Handmade Jewelry for Mom

handmade jewelry for mom gift ideas

Photo by Harry Cooke from Pexels

A pair of statement earrings your mom can wear with her casual dresses is the best! 

Your mother, taught you to love fashion, and now you’re going to show her you have learned a lot from her.

To make a gorgeous pair of casual earrings you will need:

  1. a length of gold wire, 
  1. any cylindrical objects you can find at home or even in a thrift store, 
  1. and a few household tools.

But remember, to make earrings thinking of her favorite color, so she will surely wear them all the time, matching her most prominent dresses.

There are lots of ideas you may find on the internet. 

There are lots of available How To videos on YouTube, great channels that may guide you on how to make those head-turning earrings. This is one of the great birthday or mother’s day gift ideas that she will surely love.

DIY Cosmetics or Jewelry Organizer for Mom

cosmetics organizer for mom

Perhaps, you have already given your mom lots of handmade jewelry since you were young, from macaroni necklaces to funny earrings. Now, it is the best time to give her a fashionable way to oragnize them!

You’ll never run of Mother’s birthday gift ideas. More of your creativity will spark in making this jewelry organizer. 

There are lots of ideas available over pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. You will never be without those brilliant sparks from inspiring guides over the internet.

DIY Keepsake Book Box for Mom

book keep

Photo from Canva

Endless gift ideas not only for mother’s birthday but may also serve as Christmas gifts or just about any special day gift ideas.

Moms who love to read will feel delighted to see their best-loved books and favorite people altogether in a keepsake book box. You may design these boxes anyway you want.

But there are reliable tips from the internet, that you could follow through as you prepare. For sure you can make your mom’s eyes light up from this gift.

Free Printables that Mom Wants to Have Access to

gift ideas for mom

Photo from Canva

Well, you know some moms are really art savvy and having sites where they could download helpful resources for everything they need, from printable templates of their free patterns, coloring pages, cross stitching, homemade cards, games for children, and everything and anything under the sun, will surely be a wonderful gift.

She’ll truly love things that could help her function as the best mom.

DIY Vinyl T-Shirts for Mom

vinyl shirts as gift for mom

Vinyl T-shirt prints are printed with, of course, vinyl heat transfer. This new technology is all about heat transfer printing. Well, you know that there are two common types of printing, screen printing and vinyl printing.

With vinyl heat transfer printing, letters and designs from colored vinyl are cut using a machine. Then these designs are heat-press onto the t-shirt making it transfer the color to the t-shirt. You need pressure and heat for this kind of printing.

She’ll surely love this mother's day, birthday, christmas, or any special day gift idea that you could personalized according to her passion or fashion. 

For more t-shirt printing using Vinyl here is the link to the blog wher it was also featured: TeckwrapCraft’s Five Unique Ways to Use Vinyl.


Your mom is the most influential person in your life. She has always been up and about taking care of her kids. As a mother, she’s done wonderful things to give you fun memories, have taught you how to spark an idea, have shown you and your dad how she values all of you.

No gift would ever suffice for all her sacrifices. You may shop for all the wonderful things that stores could offer, but she would always look back to those times you gave her handmade gifts through the years.

There is nothing more heartfelt than personalized gifts for your mom! She will feel the thought and effor you poured into it.

best gift ideas for mom

Through this blog we have featured links that will sprout your idea, let you have fun making those pieces of idea come to life, to please your mom that even dad would approve of.

Kids grow up. But a mother’s kids need not grow up in the way you show your love for your mom. The idea is always to have fun letting your mom know she is loved by her family and friends.

Do drop by on our website catalogue for more creative ideas on how to use vinyl whether heat transfer or adhesive vinyls, not only to impress mom, or dad but even to enjoy making vinyl crafts yourself.

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