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Puff HTV Sheets Pack
Arri Wilburn
Two thumbs up!

It’s great! It’s the only HTV I will use for now on!!

Not thrilled, will not buy again

I was really hoping this would be a good new brand for me, sadly I was wrong. I was super excited to try teckwrap after seeing the reviews and options they had available. Shipping took a bit but that's not that big of a deal. I was unfortunately out of town for a funeral and when I got back and opened my order I realized I had made the mistake of not paying attention when I ordered and ordered the wrong type of vinyl. I've now spent 3 days trying to return the unused and unopened rolls to be told no, I had planned to rebuy the correct type. I spent $85 on this for a project and now I not only can't use it their suggestion is to try and sell it to try and get some of my money back. I don't understand the purpose of their "return policy", basically, if I read it correctly, you'll only get an exchange or possible refund if they messed up your order or the rolls came damaged from them. If you don't stand behind your product or your buyers I won't trust the product to even bother using it. Extremely disappointed and most definitely will never order again.

Beginner Sticker Pack

Very cool! The stickers look great, vivid, bright, even the matte! You can tell they're waterproof just by the feel of them which is awesome! Haven't used the laminates yet but from the looks of them they're beautiful and I can't wait to see what I can make with them! Especially with the holidays coming up!! The squeegee is fantastic as well and for anyone who hasn't used the felt lined ones, what are u waiting for!?!? Definitely recommend if you can get your hands on it, the beginner pack is definitely worth every penny!!

September Box
Lisa Chairez
Mystery Box

This is the best deal in town! This was my 1st time ordering the mystery box and when I opened it it looked like 15 rolls of the exact same vinyl. I wanted to cry. I reached out via chat and it was explained to me to unwrap each roll and I will be surprised! Boy was I !!!! 15 rolls of super cool prints, glitters, metallics and holographic vinyl is what I found! Christmas in September mixed with April fools in September! Worth the $100 for sure! Just do it!

Cutting Mats Set
Dee Ann Mickelsen
Cutting mats

Love the clear mats but they are not true 12x12 and will not work on cricut machine.

Teckwrap is amazing and so easy to use. Easy weed. Love the variety of colors and patterns availa...

These mirror chrome sheets are amazing, and bubble free makes them even better. Will be purchasing more soon!


I love their vinyl. It applies easily and no bubbles and works well with clear coat.

001M Sheets Pack (Matte)
Kiana McCullough

i sadly never got my package


I love the quality of teckwrap craft. I can definitely tell the difference between teckwrap and all of the other brands I have used in the past. I have fully changed over to teckwrap. Also,… their permanent vinyl is actually permanent!!!!! I can’t tell you how many times I bought “permanent” vinyl and it came off !

Thank you so much teckwrap!!!

Sticker paper

I loved the product. Easy to work with

Excelente material, colores expectacular recomendado 💯

Puff HTV Sheets Pack
Emily Matthews
Am I doing this right? Might be user error, or not?

I followed the instructions to a T and I don’t think my vinyl puffed correctly? Once it’s heated it’s done- you can’t get it to puff any more but applying more heat. I think the concept is neat but this is the hardest vinyl I’ve ever worked with. I’m hesitant to use it on some things because I feel like I could ruin the project if the vinyl doesn’t work correctly. The pack itself was good, loved the colors, I would just say make sure you are following instructions or reading reviews/tips/tricks to make sure it works 100% for you.

Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl
Alice Hernandez
Will definitely keep buying!

Is exactly what i need for my business and will continue to buy! Shipping is also quick everytime!

Coffee Sheets Pack
Janee Kearney

So pretty and easy to use!


I thought it odd I ordered 10ft roll and it came in 2 5ft rolls. Otherwise great product

I didnt like it at all

So hard to get caught on the transfer vinyl tape


Easy to weed specially for very small details, I put it to the test with the Door from LoTR and it came out perfect 🤩

Love them

These vinyls are fantastic. Come off easily to transfer paper. Cricut does not! Cuts better. Absolutely awesome

Inkjet Printable Sticker Vinyl

Satin chrome vinyl sheets pack.

I absolutely 💯 ♥️ these sheets! They weed great and are a great addition to any design I make on my tumblers. Best bang for your buck! Thanks Teckwrap Craft!

Glow In the Dark Vinyl
Jamie Lonthair
Love it!!!

Love the glow in the dark vinyl! My projects have come out so awesome!

Sample Book Set
Dee Paulo

Sample Book Set

Stunnng glow!!

Love this vinyl for my glow in the dark projects !


Good quality vinyl and arrived just in the nick of time!

Retro Mushroom bundle

Awesome file and vinyl is amazing and easy to use

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