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Weeding pen is one of the most essential tools in the arsenal of a professional crafter. It plays an important role in achieving clean and intricate designs by facilitating the removal of excess vinyl in a more targeted manner. At TeckWrap Craft, we have the premium quality weeding pen for our ardent customers for a smooth and perfect crafting experience. 

Superb Design and Features Of Weeding Pen

Our weeding pen is unique, stylish and easy to use on adhesive vinyl, HTV, paper crafts, and scrapbooks. You can create amazing pieces of workmanship with this small, handy tool that does the most important job. Black and silver in color, with the TeckWrap Craft logo proudly displayed in the center, it has a sleek and elegant look that adds a professional touch to your work environment. 

Our weeding pen has a fine-point tip made of stainless steel that allows for precise and accurate removal of excess vinyl. This helps in tackling intricate designs and small details without damaging the desired look. It is made of durable material that withstands repeated use without breaking or bending easily.

Keeping your safety in mind, the weeding pen has been equipped with a spring mechanism that helps in retracting its needle sharp nib. It goes inside the sturdy frame when not in use. It also has a holding clip on the side so you can keep it in your pocket while working with vinyl. It has an easy, ergonomic grip allowing you to work with it for long hours without hurting your hand. 

Easy to Use

Our weeding pen is efficient, sleek, and tailor-made to reveal smooth and beautiful vinyl designs. With the sharp tip, the pen effortlessly weeds out unwanted pieces of vinyl and scraps.

This is a perfect tool for precision weeding and releasing air bubbles. Simply lift or pick out small pieces of vinyl that need to be removed to reveal the desired design or text. Enjoy weeding small letters and delicate designs without any hassle. To use a our weeding pen effectively, follow these general steps:

  • Cut your vinyl design using a craft cutter, die cutter or sign plotter. The vinyl films at TeckWrap Craft are compatible with all automated cutting machines. 
  • Once your design is carved perfectly, start by removing the larger sections of excess vinyl from it. With our weeding pen in hand, gently press the tip against the unwanted vinyl section. Apply slight pressure to lift the vinyl from the backing. Be careful not to damage the desired design or surrounding vinyl.
  • Once the larger areas are weeded, you'll be left with smaller details like intricate shapes or letters that require more precision. These are the areas where a vinyl weeding pen can be particularly helpful. Repeat the process of poking and lifting to remove these. This step might be a bit time consuming, depending upon how complex your design is, but with our weeding you can perform it quickly and with ease. 
  • Work systematically, moving from one small section to another, until all the excess vinyl is removed and your design is revealed. Once you've finished weeding, inspect your design for any remaining vinyl pieces and remove them. Your design is ready to bedeck the substrate. 

Our weeding pen is also used to remove trapped air bubbles, if any, in the vinyl decal. Simply poke them with it and smooth the design out with a squeegee. This gives you a flawless finish on your crafts and projects. It is as simple as that. 

Grab The Best Deal!

The TeckWrap Craft weeding pen is definitely the best purchase to make excellent and impeccable crafts. With a smart packaging, it reaches you cushioned inside an elegant black box making it perfect for crafters who want to make a statement with their work. This product is absolutely indispensable for novices and professionals alike and an essential accessory that should be in their tool kit at all times. Get yours now and amaze us with your crafts! 

Features and Specification:

  • An efficient and sleek stainless steel retractable tip. 
  • Standard black design.
  • Elegant packaging. 
  • Precise and smooth weeding.  
  • Lightweight and easy to grip. 
  • Durable and sturdy built for a long lasting experience.
  • Ideal for craft vinyl, HTV, book cover, lettering, banner art, scrapbooking and more. 
  • Side clip for keeping in the shirt pocket allowing easy access.
  • Perfect for even the most difficult weeding jobs.
  • Quickly releases any air bubbles on your vinyl.
  • Handy and safe to use. 


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Weeding Pen

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