How to Make a Phone Case With Pictures: Custom Vinyl Phone Case


Can you make a phone case with pictures using vinyl?  Yes, you can! With adhesive vinyl sheets, you can definitely print high-quality pictures, fonts, and graphics onto adhesive vinyl sheets and beautify your cell phones.  Teckwrap has printable vinyl products for home and craft use.

Imagine your pictures or your loved ones and even iconic brands, characters, and professional sports teams on the phone case you’re using; cool, right?  This article will guide you on how to make a phone case with pictures using vinyl.  Read on and learn life hacks on how to make custom phone cases right now!

So, let’s dive into this custom cell phone case project using vinyl!

How to Make Custom Cases with a Personal Touch

Phone cases are used not only to protect your cell phone but also for your identity or branding.   A phone case shows your style and how creative you can be depending on the available resources.  And if you are the type who wants to personalize your phone case with photos and art, you have lots of stylish and even fun colors and designs from TeckWrap.

vinyl craft sheets

Choose from a wide range of designs.


opal holo craft vinyl

You can use adhesive craft vinyl on your phone and get creative.

custom phone case with craft viinyl


Or get too personal with your device that you may want to put photos of yourself, your loved ones, or even your favorite k-pop superstars!  How?

Here is a 3-Step Guide on customizing your phone case with pictures, even if you’re not very creative.  And don’t worry; you won't need more than three materials for this project.  Have your printable sticker vinyl, photo, scissors, or a cutting tool.

Step 1 Create your Design

Start creating your designs using Cricut Design Space or any program you want to use.  Cricut Design Space is easy to use.  You will get directions and be guided every step of the way.  

First, upload your image, and if you want to use other backgrounds, use the background remover if you have a premium account or access their free trial version for a limited time.


custom phone case with craft viinyl


custom phone case designing with vinyl

But if in case you don’t want these hassles, you may remove the background using various image editing tools like Adobe and Canva,  

custom phone case designing with vinyl

Now that you have your image, you may design your background that you will again print on your printable sticker vinyl.

custom phone case designing with vinyl


craft vinyl sheets

Features and Specifications

  • Size: A4 (8.5x11 inches)
  • Holographic Printable Sticker Vinyl: 15PCS/Pack
  • Matte White Printable Sticker Vinyl: 15PCS/Pack
  • Laminate Sheets: 14PCS/Pack
  • Durable, long-lasting, and waterproof.
  • Strong adhesion.
  • Smudge-free printing and quick drying.

Step 2 Print Your Photos and Design

custom phone case

With printable inkjet Sticker Vinyl, you can create custom iPhone cases or any cell phone case that can unleash your creativity and show your style.  Decide on the images you want for your cell phone case and start creating or gathering them.

You can print any photo or design using TeckWrap’s Printable Inkjet Sticker Vinyl.  Yes, you got that right!  Any ideas that match your style that basically you can customize can be accommodated by this type of vinyl.  And you don’t need a special printer.  You may use an inkjet printer!

The best thing about this inkjet printable sticker vinyl is you won’t need special ink just to print those gorgeous images and designs.  Remember to resize your designs that will fit perfectly onto your cell phones.  

Step 3 Cut

Cut your design. This is the last step in the process before you stick the design on your cell phone case or cell phone.

How to Cut Without a Cutting Machine?

cutting vinyl

You can cut your design using scissors, an Exacto knife, or another cutting tool of your choice.  You can still cut your images and designs even without a cutting machine.  Here are two ways to do that:

Use scissors to cut simple shapes out of your vinyl paper.

For basic designs,  you may use scissors. When intricate designs and small details are hard to cut by hand, you may use a special tool or cutting knife.

Use a craft knife to cut intricate designs out of your vinyl paper.

Cutting intricate designs can be daunting if you’re only using a pair of scissors.  You can trace a design onto vinyl paper and then use a sharp knife to cut it out.

sticker paper for custom phone case

Enjoy your Phone Case with Pictures

custom phone case with teckwrapcraft

In three easy steps, you will have your clear phone case with photo vibrant with the designs you want and the photo of your kids,  family, or friends.

Do More for Your Phone Cases With Teckwrap

You can do more for your phone cases with TeckWrap Craft’s printable sticker vinyl.  Choose to gift your family and friends something that reflects your creativity or the love and care you have for them.  

When you customize gifts and create something that they’ll remember for the rest of their life, you don’t only have a great gift but also something that will surely be unforgettable to you, as a crafter, and to the receiver.

So, do more for your phone cases! Custom iPhone cases or any customized phone accessories will not only motivate you to create more but will also take you to the different styles you may take on while crafting.  

Any person can have a collection that matches their style.  You can explore and have fun and exciting crafting projects even if you think you’re not creative.  The world welcomes crafters, and we all got to start somewhere.

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