How to Make a Dog Bandana: Easy Custom DIY Project for Your Furbaby


how to make dog bandanas


Want some fashion sense for your furry friend?  How about some DIY Dog Bandanas? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make a dog bandana ‘coz this article has got you covered! 


how to make dog bandanas

 A dog bandana is a square or rectangular cloth attached to a dog’s neck for fashion, protection, and other reasons. Dogs need bandanas not only for fashion but also for protection, especially if you put their names on the bandana itself!

There are many ways to make a dog bandana; believe it or not, you can make a fully finished bandana without doing a single stitch!  Yes! And you can even add iron on vinyl to adorn your dog bandanas with your dog’s name or the designs you wish.

Making a dog bandana need not be expensive because you can use materials that are just everywhere.

Prepare your materials so you can now start working on your DIY bandana project.

But first, let me ask you, do you know how to sew DIY dog bandanas, or do you have a no- stitching project in mind?


how to make dog bandanas

     Photo from Canva

How to make a Dog Bandana: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Do you have scraps of cloth lying around?  Or old scarves you don’t use?  Why not recycle them to create a matching bandana for your puppy?  This is a quick and simple project that anyone can make for a furry loved one!

Here is an inexpensive, easy-to-make DIY Dog Bandana you can make without sewing anything!  Yes, this is good for those who don’t know how to sew or don’t have a sewing machine.

Let’s discuss the no-sew DIY dog bandana and then explore sewing projects next.

dog bandanas

Photo from Canva


For this project, you’ll need the following:

  • A scrap of cloth, just enough for the size of your bandana- the design is up to you
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Velcro Tape
how to make dog bandanas
  1.  Measure your pet’s neck.

Finding the right size can be a headache.  What size is the right size, after all?

Multiple methods exist to find the right size for your dog’s perfect accessory.

Loosely measure your pet’s neck.

how to make dog bandanas

Measuring your pet’s neck will ensure the bandana will not be too tight or loose.  A 4” allowance or additional length must be added to the neck’s measurement.

For example, if your dog’s neck measures 12 inches, you must use 16 inches of fabric as your bandana size.

Estimate your pet’s weight.

how to make a dog bandana

Another way is to estimate your pet’s weight, or much better if you have a weighing scale,  and find its exact weight.  Call on your dog to stand on the weighing scale;  what registers on the scale is your dog's actual weight, or, if it doesn’t want to, carry it and then measure both of your weights.  

Take note of the measurement.  Now, measure your weight without the dog and deduct the data from the previous data.  You’ve got the dog’s weight!

After getting the measurement, it’s time to focus on our fabric (a scrap of cloth).

  1. Choose and Pre-press your cloth.

Although we can use any scrap of cloth for our pet’s bandana, it is still a plus if you have a great cloth for bandana projects.

How to Choose the Right Cloth

how to make dog bandanas

The most commonly used fabrics are cotton and polyester.  Although, in reality, some fabrics are more elastic (and this is better in dog bandanas), like milk silk and lycra.

Your DIY dog bandana, although how simple you’ll like it to be, must be something that you and your pet will be comfortable having.  

how to make dog bandanas

Photo from Canva

Wash, dry, and press. There’s a big difference when you wash, dry, and press the cloth before using them.  

Pre-washing is better for three reasons: pre-shrink them to fit nicely, eliminate chemicals, and prevent color bleeding.

  1.   Cut your fabric

After getting the bandana size by measuring the neck and adding 4 inches to it (we used 16 inches as an example) or by getting your dog’s weight,  we can now refer to the size guide below.

how to make dog bandanas


how to make dog bandanas


For a dog with a neck of 12 inches, cut out an 8” by 8” square piece of fabric.


dog bandana sizes
  1.   Cut a Second Strip

Cut a second strip measuring 16” by 2” inches as the collar of the dog bandana.  This will be the part wrapped around your dog’s neck.

  1.   Turn and Fold

Turn the collar over.  Halfway through the bandana, fold one side, and glue.  Do this once more on the other side and then glue as well. The hot glue is, of course, hot! Be careful not to touch it. 

  1.  Final Collar Fold

Fold about 1-inch seam allowances on each bottom corner and glue.  This is the last step for the collar!

  1.   Flip, then glue from both corners.

steps to make dog bandanas
  1.   Lay flat the collar.

Position the collar slightly below the corners.  Then, lay flat the collar on the glue line with the glued side down.

  1.   Fold and glue.

Fold both ends of the square over the collar, and glue the edges.

  1.   Velcro it.

how to make dog bandanas

Prepare 1-2 inches pieces of Velcro tape.  Stick them to both ends of the collar.

And that’s it for your No Sew DIY bandana!  It’ll be secured around your pet’s neck.

Pet Collar Slide-On Bandana

A Pet Collar slide-On Bandana is so sleek that it doesn’t slide onto the collar, and you won’t worry that your pet might rip it out if in case it falls.

The good thing with a pet collar slide-on is you may set this bandana to two size choices that you may adjust when you wish to. You may use velcro, which is a great choice to wrap the bandana to your pet’s neck and still be adjustable.

printed dog bandanas

DIY Fold-Over (Reversible) No-Sew Dog Bandana

This is a no-sew version of the original one where you’ll need skill in sewing. This is made from folded-over squares, which can be combined to form two single-fold triangles of the same fabric patterns.

This reversible bandana, when carefully made, can be mistaken for something that has been sewn.  What’s being done is the bandanas are ironed to the sides of the dog before they are tied with a chain sleeve instead of sewing.

DIY Double Fold No-Sew Dog Bandana with Binding Trim Ties

Have you wondered what the matching styles for homemade and sewable pet bandanas are?  You may try using trim ties on top edges instead of trimming! You’ll find out that it’s more efficient.

Why is this so?  With this bandana, the usual simple one-layer lining at its base is substituted with soft and sexy binding-trimmed tops.  With these trim ties, you won’t have to do some finishing on the raw edges.  Great idea, right?

The neck binding method of lace is also used to cut foldovers.

How to make a dog bandana in two styles?

These are two of the most commonly used styles for pet bandanas.  Learn about them:

Bandana with Snaps

Easy to make and flaunt this bandana with snaps!  

First of all, as always, determine the style and size of your fabric. You may refer to the tutorial above, from measuring your dog to finding the best cloth.

Then, lay your fabrics together with the right sides out.

Next, topstitch the opening to lock it.

Remember to give your DIY dog bandana some dimension by tucking both ends once you try it for the first time with your dog to ensure it fits perfectly.

Then secure your pet bandana with snaps on it.

Bandana with Collar Casing

A bandana with collar casing will ensure that you’ll have enough space to slide a dog’s collar through the strap, the same way you can attach the bandana to your dog’s neck.  

Gather your supplies.  You will need a sewing needle or a sewing machine for this project.  Yes, this is not a no-sewing project this time. But fret not; you’ll find out that you can easily learn how to sew DIY dog bandanas with the available seam gauge or guides you can find.

1. First, to help make this easier, there is a downloadable template from  This bandana template has all the measurement guides that you need.

Remember to print the template,  a PDF file, at 100%, and the paper size is 8.5”  by 11”.  Don’t select “fit to page,” as this may change the size of the bandana template.

2. Then, following the solid lines on the template, cut.  And fold them together without overlapping.  The diamond markings are your guide in securing the pattern is followed in this process.

3.  Remember, your cutting will be dependent on the size that you need. If it’s large, there’s no cutting needed.  But with medium and small, you will need to cut them.  They will be evident from the cut lines on the template.

4.  Follow the template to complete your pet bandana, as you must do separate processes with the main and casing seams.

Let’s answer your questions!

After learning how you can sew or not sew DIY Dog bandanas, it’s time to answer questions still lingering in your head.

How big should a bandana be for a dog?

A dog bandana should be comfortable and can easily slip on your dog’s neck.  A pet bandana must have enough room to breathe, even when hugging your dog’s collar.  You’ll need a space allowance of 1-4 inches from your dog’s original neck size.

It should be enough to cover its shoulders from 10-11 inches when nestled to 10.

How much fabric do I need to make a dog bandana?

After measuring your pet’s neck, you may add 9-10 inches to the exact measure.  This is the width or the long edge of your DIY dog bandana pattern triangle at the part where it’s the widest. You may use the height of 10 inches as default, or if you want more, it’s up to you.

This is the most basic step, so you can sew dog bandanas, or of course, you may also opt to create a no-sew dog bandana if you like,

What material is best for dog bandanas?

Dogs are dogs.  In other words, expect them to be messy at times. Since they need something that does not absorb stains as much as possible, you’ll need a fabric that’s not dirt-absorbent.  

There are different fabrics suited for different purposes.  With your super cute dogs, you’ll need polyester more than cotton, as the latter easily absorbs most stains.

How to make customized patterns and prints on dog bandanas?

If you want to add more patterns or prints to your pet’s bandana, by all means, you may. A little flair with a bandana plus designs you wish to add are things you deserve for your dog,

An iron-on vinyl or HTV from  TeckWrap Craft will help you do this without so much fuss.

TeckWrap Craft HTV


Glow In The Dark Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl 5ft Roll

Do you want to see your dog even in the dark?  Make its bandana with glow-in-the-dark prints or designs.

TeckWrap has lots of pattern choices for you to enjoy!


  • Durable and flexible
  • Easy to use with a dry iron or heat press
  • Available in many different colors
  • Glossy Finish


  • Roll Size:10"x5ft
  • Thickness: 0.98mm
  • Colors: Available in 7 colors

TeckWrap Craft HTV


  • 10"x 5ft. roll (0.25X1.55m)
  • Easy to trim and weed to any shape, size, or angle.
  • Thin texture with long-lasting durability makes the vinyl super easy to work with unique animal prints that instantly stand out.
  • Smooth, shiny surface
  • Ideal for dry, smooth cotton fabrics like pillows, aprons, bed sheets, bags, T-shirts, jeans, etc.
  • Endless opportunities to personalize fashion apparel and accessories

Or you may design your pet bandanas with this…

Colorful Camouflage Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll 5ft


  • 10"x 5ft. roll (0.25X1.55m)
  • Easy to cut and weed to any shape, size, or angle.
  • Thin texture with long-lasting durability makes the vinyl super easy to work with unique animal prints that instantly stand out.
  • Smooth, shiny surface
  • Ideal for dry, smooth cotton fabrics like pillows, aprons, bed sheets, bags, T-shirts, jeans, etc.
  • Endless opportunities to personalize fashion apparel and accessories

And more…






Visit TeckWrap Craft

If you don’t yet, you’ll love making bandanas with TeckWrap’s wide array of choices for vinyl designs you may add to the bandana of your fur baby.

You may have plain pieces of fabric, but vinyl can do more for you if you want to.  DIY dog bandana crafting can be fun and something you’ll surely look forward to, from your visit to the dog park to every special occasion you both attend.

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