Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper (15 PCS/ set)

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Printing on shirts used to be expensive and could only be done by professional printers. At present, however, many people have grown interested in doing DIY printing because the materials needed are already accessible and affordable.

TeckWrap Craft has everything you need to make your shirt printing experience more pleasurable and profitable. If you have been using TeckWrap Craft’s heat transfer vinyl, you may want to explore further and try the Inkjet heat transfer paper.

You can use inkjet printers to print images on heat transfer paper. Don’t go rushing out and buy heat transfer paper elsewhere. Read this article first to find out why TeckWrap Craft’s inkjet heat transfer paper is best for your DIY project.

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heat transfer paper
Dark Fabrics
Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

What are heat transfer papers?

Heat transfer papers are made of polymer or coated with wax and pigment that are used to create iron-on projects. You can transfer designs and images to any fabric like t-shirts, bags, pillowcases, towels, socks, and other garments.

When using heat transfer paper, you need a reliable inkjet printer and a heat press machine or mini iron.

Heat transfer paper contains a polymer film that leaves a permanent transfer when printed on. The heat transfer paper is then pressed onto the fabric until they bond completely.

Many crafters prefer using heat transfer papers because it doesn’t require so much equipment and sticks well to any fabric. All you need are inkjet printers, scissors or a cutting machine, and a heat press or iron. This is also an inexpensive way of creating DIY items that can serve as a business inspiration.

Light Heat Transfer Paper

Light Heat Transfer Paper
Light Fabrics
Image from TeckWrap Craft Website


This pack of heat transfer paper is used when you are working on white fabrics or light-colored T-shirts. It is important that you take into consideration the color of the shirt or the fabric that you are applying light heat transfer paper to achieve the best color quality.

If you use light heat transfer paper on dark fabrics, you may not like the end result which is an invisible or opaque design or image. Always mirror your design before you start printing on light heat transfer paper.

Dark Heat Transfer Paper

Dark Heat Transfer Paper

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Dark heat transfer paper is best used on colored fabrics. Though, you can use dark transfer paper on light-colored fabrics. Similar to the sample image above, dark transfer paper was used instead of light transfer paper.

If you are tempted to use dark heat transfer paper for all your transfers, it is possible. However, you may want to think twice because dark transfer paper is more expensive than light transfer paper.

A piece of practical advice would be to use light transfer paper for light-colored fabrics and dark transfer paper for colored fabrics. The best thing about dark transfer paper is that you don’t need to mirror the picture before printing.

TeckWrap Craft Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

TeckWrap Craft Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


TeckWrap Craft’s inkjet heat transfer paper is perfect to adorn any item that is made of fabric. A set of inkjet heat transfer paper contains 15 pcs of A4 transfer sheets, 2 parchment papers, and an instruction sheet.

Heat transfer paper comes in two kinds - light fabrics (light heat transfer paper) and dark fabrics (dark heat transfer paper). Each transfer sheet is thin and durable that can produce vibrant and long-lasting colors. If you want a more detailed read on how to print with both light and dark heat transfer paper, you may click this link.

It is highly recommended that you use inkjet ink for all transfers. For outline images, you may use wax crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

How to Use Heat Transfer Paper

When you open a pack of TeckWrap Craft’s inkjet heat transfer paper, each sheet has a printable side (white side) and the grid side (back side). When printing your desired image on the transfer paper, always print on the white side. Inkjet printers are best used for printing.

heat transfer paper

Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

If you have been using heat transfer vinyl for some time now, you are most likely comfortable using computer design software, a vinyl cutting machine, and a heat press machine. The process is quite similar when you are planning to make transfers using heat transfer paper.

The first step is to make your design using a design program that you find comfortable to use. Once you are done making your design, you can now begin the printing process. For light heat transfer paper, always mirror the image before printing on the white side. Mirroring is not necessary for dark heat transfer paper.

Next, grab a pair of scissors and cut out your design. Alternatively, you can use a Cricut cutting machine to cut out the image for you. If this is your first time to cut lines and you are not confident doing it, you may want to practice first with a copy paper.

cricut cutting machine
Using Cricut Cutting Machine
Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page        


After cutting your desired design, position the image face down (for light transfer paper) or the image facing up (for dark transfer paper) on your fabric or garment of choice. Don’t forget to cover the image with parchment paper before pressing to protect it.

If you are using a heat press, TeckWrap Craft recommends a temperature of 185°C to make light heat transfer paper adhere to fabric for 15 seconds. While for dark heat transfer paper, the recommended temperature is 165°C for 25 seconds.  

Find out more details about the ideal press settings for your transfer paper and other important details about using a heat press. With the help of TeckWrap Craft, you don’t have to do any guesswork to determine how much pressure you need to apply to the transfer paper and for how long.


Using Heat Press Machine
Using Heat Press Machine
Screenshot Image by @kiki_createsrgv from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page        


If you have a heat press machine at home, it is best to use it instead of an iron. A heat press machine can apply pressure to the image evenly and perfectly for a large volume of transfers. While using an iron may cause paper scorching or image burning if not done properly.

Using an iron is more time-consuming and prone to errors. However, if you are a beginner, iron is a more affordable choice than a heat press. An iron is convenient if you are making low volumes of DIY projects.

Once you are done pressing, remove the parchment paper. Hot peeling the transfer paper within 5 seconds is recommended for light transfer paper. However, for dark transfer paper, either cold peel or hot peel is possible.

Care Instructions for Fabrics With Heat Transfer Paper

printing using inkjet heat transfer paper

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

After pressing the transfer paper on the fabric or garment, let the finished product settle for at least 24 hours before deciding to wash it. As much as possible you should not bleach the item.

It is advisable to wash the item by hand. Machine washing and tumble drying are not recommended.

You should avoid wringing the item. Avoid placing the item directly under the heat of the sun. Lastly, do not iron directly on the transfer image.

Sample Designs using Heat Transfer Paper

t shirt with custom printing usinh inkjet heat transfer

Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

You can create amazing designs using inkjet heat transfer paper. You can make statement shirts or custom photo shirts which are great for family reunions, family trips, or parties. There are some designs that may be difficult to achieve with just heat transfer vinyl. So, using heat transfer paper instead is a good and convenient idea.


T shirt printing with Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

You may apply heat transfer vinyl (HTV) along with the heat transfer paper. You can use vinyl for the text of your image. If you want vinyl that has texture, you can use puff HTV or use glitter vinyl for a shimmering effect.

t shirt with custom print

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Whether you are using heat transfer paper or heat transfer vinyl to make designs for shirts or any fabric, you can expect that the quality will be superb especially if you use quality-made transfer paper and transfer vinyl from TeckWrap Craft.

custom shirt printing using inkjet heat transfer paper

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Aside from t-shirts, you may apply heat transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl on promotional items such as tote bags, hats, and umbrellas that are perfect to give to customers during the holidays. Making a DIY shirt for family and friends is also a great gift-giving idea no matter the occasion.


shirt prints using inkjet heat transfer paper

Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can any inkjet printer print on heat transfer paper?

Yes, most heat transfer papers are compatible with inkjet printers. If you have an inkjet printer at home all you need to do is create your design, print the design onto your heat transfer paper, and transfer the design onto your fabric of choice.

  1. Which is better for heat transfer, inkjet or laser?

You can print designs better with an inkjet printer instead of a laser printer. Using laser printers may not give you the best results. With a laser printer, you may notice outlines and residues forming around your design. This will make cutting lines and trimming to be a challenge.

Aftercare Information

  • Leave finish item for at 24 hours before wash
  • Do not wash in machine or tumble dry. Wash the fabric with hands.  
  • Do not wring.
  • Do not iron directly over transfer
  • Do not dry directly under the sun.
  • Do not bleach the fabric.   


  • Embellishes your shirts, t-shirts, caps, bags, shoes, jeans, aprons, and home décor items made with fabric
  • Thin, durable and long lasting.
  • Size available:  15PCS ( A4 size each)+2 parchment paper+1 instruction 
  • Follow the instructions 
  • Light Inkjet paper is for light fabrics ONLY; Dark inkjet paper can be used on dark fabrics and light fabrics; 
  • Inkjet print ONLY;
  • You can also use wax crayons, markers, color pencil on outline images. 

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There are several ways you can transfer a design onto a t-shirt or any fabric. You can try screen printing, sublimation, as well as applying heat transfer vinyl. However, many people have grown to like transferring designs on fabrics using heat transfer paper because they are versatile and easiest to do.

There are two types of heat transfer paper. Use light fabrics for white or light-colored shirts and dark fabrics for colored shirts.

Always buy high-quality and durable transfer paper. Quality transfer paper is elastic, resistant to fading, cracking or peeling, can withstand constant washing, and produces vibrant colors.

Creating DIY projects has never been this convenient and worry-free. All thanks to TeckWrap Craft! Making DIY shirts is a perfect idea for small businesses. By signing up for TeckWrap Craft’s wholesale program, TeckWrap Craft can help your business grow.


Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper


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Brizeida De Anda
Heat tranfer paper

I followed all instructions exactly as it says in the package and after first wash it stared peeling, I did waited 2 day to wash them and tried in different brand shirts

Khadija Arafat

Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper (15 PCS/ set)

Megan Holland

Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper (15 PCS/ set)

Carrie Osborne
Great product but...

The packaging was bent so there were creases in the middle of all the sheets of printable iron-on. It works great, just wish they hadn't been damaged in the shipping process

Marie Lewis
Really love this item

Great for transferring children’s drawings to T-shirts

Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper (15 PCS/ set)

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