10 Unique Father’s Day Homemade Crafts

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to honor and celebrate the man of the hour, aka dad, with some unique one of a kind personalized, customized, handmade gift ideas.

A thoughtful and perfect father’s day gift need not be expensive to express that your dad rocks and that he is the best dad ever.

A diy father’s day gift can be an endeavor that can involve the whole family with homemade gifts that can be assigned individually, by pairs or even collectively, with the kids and little one.  Sometimes the best gifts are borne out of the simplest of ideas.

And take note, Father’s Day celebration is for all dads, to include you own beloved father, even people you esteem as your father figure and to married folks, this may include your father in law as well.

So gift ideas can be wide and varied depending on the recipient. So make a shortlist and identify what gift to give. For gifts to gift dad,  the best ideas are simply waiting to be discovered.

Father's Day Home mad Crafts

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Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts

Many fun project ideas will surely come to mind, but we will make fun and easy suggestions that you can easily make at home with your cutting machine and materials you can easily purchase at your local craft supplies store or dollar store. 

1. Father’s Day Customized Cups, Mugs or Glasses

A uniquely designed customized glass (i.e. beer can glass), mug or even a mason jar, will definitely be a meal time table staple for the man of the house. If you want to level up your design for a perfect gift,  you can use specialty vinyls, like color changing vinyls for your project.

How to Create a Simple DIY Mug with Color Changing Vinyl

1. Draft your father’s day craft design in your cutting machine software. 

    • Silhouette Cameo machines use Silhouette Studio design software
    • Cricut machines use Design Space design software

    Borh brands have free and upgrade versions of their respective software.

    2. Prepare your cutting machine and load your vinyl. 

    vinyl cutting machine

    Make sure you apply the correct settings for your vinyls.

    3. Weed the design properly with a weeding pen or weeding tool.

    weeding the vinyl

    4. Apply transfer tape to the weeded design. 

    applying transfer tape to weeded design

    Make sure the entire vinyl design is covered completely by a transfer tape.

    5. Clean the surface of your glass or mug with alcohol and pat dry.

    6. Apply the dad inspired vinyl design to the surface of your project

    applying the vinyl on the glass surface

    7. Burnish and smoothen with a smoothening tool.

    smoothening the vinyl onto a glass surface

    8. Peel the dad design vinyl gently.

    9. Smoothen with a squeegee to remove the bubbles

    color changing gift for Father's Day

    You can use an assortment of design ideas for this project, just by searching father’s day crafts or father’s day gifts you will be provided with many options such as quirky and fun prompts, and there are even applications that can convert your dad’s face to a cutting machine friendy layouts.

    Your dad can use this mug for his favorite soda, tea, water and even coffee. 

    2. A Customized Spiral Vinyl Photo

    Nothing spells father’s day craft more than this, a customized vinyl spiral photo for daddy on his special day, and you can use his favorite color as vinyl for this project. 

    There are a variety of apps you can use for this project, but we used https://spiralbetty.com/ for this one.

    Just follow the instructions and download the transparent version, and simply export to your cutting machine software and apply the required vinyl setting and viola, a vinyl artwork. 

    You can transfer this dad inspired vinyl artwork (using transfer tape of course) to an acrylic surface or glass picture frame, or even on the glass surface of a shadow box.

    If you want to really level up our father’s day gift giving, you can cut spiral photos of your dad in different colors then apply to a bigger sized acrylic, and display this like a pop art. 

    father's dau homemade crafts

    A  Customized Father's Day Spiral Vinyl Photo

    3. DIY Picture Frame for Dad

    A traditional gift with a twist. For this project, you can use dollar store bought picture frame and infuse fun, thoughtful dad elements as a unique father’s day gift for dad.

    The kids or little one can decorate the frame by creating cute crafts using salt dough or molding clay shapes formed into mini version of dad’s favorite things like his man cave items such as his favorite sports equipment, favortite bag, or favorite tools. 

    When using salt dough, remind the kids allow to cool after baking before sticking it to the frame. Salt dough is a suitable alternative to clay.

    The bigger kids can create vinyl design elements (like best dad or dad rocks) to apply to the glass of the frame. Everyone can come together and do this fun activity, of course, without dad knowing. 

    Father's Day picture frame

    Father’s Day Customized DIY Picture Frame

    4. Personalized Work Apron

    A handmade personalized apron makes an ideal father’s day gift for the man of the house who loves his barbeque. This is something a griilin’ loving dad would appreciate, and something the kids could easily design.

    Smaller kids could use color markers or craft paint to create cute designs and drawings, while the bigger kids can create designs (i.e. six pack) or letterings (i.e. best dad or dad rocks) with finer details using a cutting machine. Dad will surely be the life of the party with this one of a kind apron.

    Father's day apron
    A custom work apron for Father's Day

    5. Custom Coupon Book for Dad

    You can do this homemade gift using your cutting machine’s software, use the design elements to create personalized diy father’s day coupons. Consolidate the help of family members to come up with best ideas to include in the coupon booklet.

    You can put the coupons inside an envelope or staple the coupons together. This is surely one of the best ideas for kids since they get to choose what gift coupons they would like to include.


    father's day homemade crafts

    6. Father’s Day Remind Dad Banner or Garland

    Using cardstock, art paper or even scrap paper this craft is fun to do. Have everyone (even the kids) write short father’s day messages, fold into paper airplanes, hearts and even boats, string together and hang on the doorknob for dad to see upon waking up on father’s day.

    unique father's day homemade crafts

    Tell your dad that each item is a gift and has a secret message inside which he can open with the kids/family to read together. This cute craft is easy to do at the same time it is also a genuinely thoughtful gift, something that cannot be easily purchased even in a cute gift shop. 

    7. Dad's Favorite Candies  - In A Custom Jar!

    This is the perfect gift for the sweet tooth dad, and easy to assemble. Just purchase an empty jar and put dads favorite candies, create a label using matte or glossy type of vinyl, and leave this by his bedsite table.

    You can put another one on the desk of his man cave or den. This will surely make any dad smile everytime he reaches out to get a piece of candy.

    personalized candy jar using vinyl

    Father’s Day Candy Jar

    8. Personalized Tablet or Vinyl Laptop Sleeve

    Most tablet or laptop sleeves (faux or polyurethane material) come in bare solid colors, but adding a few design elements can surely make any drab and dull colored sleeve come to life with vibrant and eye catching designs.

    You can actually use heat transfer vinyl for this type of material. Here’s the detailed guide on how to get started. The nice thing about using vinyl, you can create and cut even the most intricate of fonts/letterings to make your father’s day gift more unique.

    unique homemade gifts for dad

    Father’s Day Personalized Tablet or Laptop Sleeve

    We recommend you use premium or specialty heat transfer vinyl, like rainbow stripe, to make your letterings stand out.

    9. Father’s Day Greeting Card

    Aside from gifts for dad, you can include an adorable card as an inclusion with any of your father’s day gifts mentioned. You can design the card with elements from your cutting machine software and when your done, the smaller kids can design the card with their thumbprints using craft paint.

    father's day homemade greeting card

    Father’s Day Greeting Card

    We recommend you use holographic vinyl to bring out the beauty of your card design elements.

    10.  Healthy Treat for Dad in a Custom Bottle

    If your dad is a sweet tooth trying to curb his cravings, you can concoct homemade granola as a healthy and wonderful father’s day treat, placed in a custom. It’s easy to do do, even the kids can participate.

    father's day custom jar

    Custom Father's Day Jar with a Healthy Granola Treat


    • 3 cups oatmeal
    • ½  cup almonds
    • ½  cup cashew nuts
    • ⅓  cup olive oil
    •  ½ cup maple syrup
    • ½ cup dried fruit of choice (raisins, apricots, cranberries)
    • ½ cup plain chocolate
    • Optional - chia or sesame seeds


    • In a bowl add the oatmeal, almonds, and cashew, and chia or sesame seeds
    • Then add the olive oil and maple syrup
    • Mix thoroughly
    • Air fry or bake at 260 F for 8 minutes
    • Transfer to a mixing bowl and add the chocolate and mix
    • Add dried fruits of your choice
    • Allow to cool and store in the ref
    • Eat as a snack or add your favorite milkor yoghurt for a delightful breakfast

    But wait, this fathers day project is still not done. You can put the cooled down granola in a decorative bottle, attach a gift tag with a ribbon, and voila, you have a wonderful homemade gift! The kids will surely love doing this one for dad, plus dad will appreciate this thoughtful gesture of a healthy snack. 

    May the father’s day craft ideas above inspire you to create a customized gift for your dad. To add more vibrant colors and texture to your projects, we recommend you check out our premium and specialty vinyls, and for sure you’d be eager to get started.

    Happy crafting!

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