32 Ideas for Cake Toppers: Easy Cake Decorating Ideas

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Before the tongue savors the taste, the eyes must feast on them.  Eye-catching cake toppers get the most onlookers ready to enjoy their tastes.  So, if you want ideas for cake toppers that catch attention and are easy to make, read on!

1. DIY Cake Topper with Paper Flowers


This DIY Cake Topper with Paper flowers is an easy cake-decorating idea, you’ll not hesitate to try.  Flowers fit into any picture and are one of the most classic cake toppers next to balloons and text.

Paper flowers are beautiful as cake decoration, but the truth is making them can consume time, especially if you want them to be as intricate as they can be.

Here is a tutorial on making paper flowers that you can top on any wedding, birthday, anniversary, or plain cake you want to highlight more.

How to Make Paper Flowers

To make these intricately beautiful paper flowers, you’ll need the following:

Card Stock (choose the petal colors you want)

Glue (quick dry is best for this)

Cricut (any cutting machine)

TeckWrap’s mat and Tool Kit

paper flowers as cake toppers

In Cricut Design Space, you will find many designs that can inspire your creative juices and will make you create that easy cake decorating idea in a breeze.  Just go to the “search” and key in “paper flowers” to trigger the designs.

Choose the design suggestion you want, and you’ll have the printable templates for a reasonable price.

Once you click the “Make It,” it will give you the template of the designs and you can easily print them on your machine.

There are even tutorials that these designers offer.

paper flower designs


The tutorials available through Cricut Design Space will make your crafting easy  like a child playing with a new toy.

2. Classic Balloon Cake Topper

classic balloon cake topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

A beautiful cake is always possible with the classic balloon cake topper. It is not only a classic, just like how a wedding cake topper was conceived more than 100 years ago, but also adds that festive note to any occasion.

Just prepare balloons (mini sizes to fit the cakes), with your chosen colors, and put them on top of your cake.  

3. Unicorn Cake Topper

Unicorn Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.


designing your cake topper


Usually, the unicorn is a character loved by children of all ages.  A baby shower can also  be cute with this Unicorn Cake Topper.  Decorate your cake with the unicorn  however you like it, on top, or even on the sides of the cake.

When you design through the Cricut Design Space you’ll be given lots of choices of these unicorn cake toppers.  And there are also tutorials to go with them.  Great ideas?  You’ll never be without these as how the novices and experts inspire you to work on them.

4.Hearts Cake Topper

Hearts Cake Topper


Weddings or engagements?  You’ll never go wrong with the Hearts Cake Topper.  This is also a great cake topper idea for a cake to give to your family and best friend.

5. Animals Cake Topper

Animals Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

These animal cutouts are your easy go-to cake topper for children’s birthday cakes.  This “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” cake topper theme is a great decorating idea that will entertain children.


printable designs for cake toppers


This type of decorating craft is super easy.  You can experiment with easy templates that you can search on the web, use card stock, and beautify them more with vinyl from TeckWrap Craft.

TeckWrap Craft’s Catalog

TeckWrap Craft’s Catalog

6. Expressions Cake Topper

Expressions Cake Topper

To that special someone keen on letting you feel their love, this expressions cake is the answer.  Tell them how much you love them!

7. Sprinkle-Me-Happy Cake Topper

Sprinkle-Me-Happy Cake Topper

Photo by Marko Milivojevic on Pixnio

Your favorite dessert need not be lonely or without sprinkles that add those fun vibes to it.  Most cakes can't do without them.

8. Pom Poms Cake Topper

To celebrate achievements, like promotions, honors, or awards received, especially something that deserves a hurrah, a Pom Poms Cake Topper will certainly fit the picture.

A pom poms cake topper is also great for a baby shower party.  They match the adorable occasion just like the idea of you holding your adorable baby soon.

9. Lollipop Cake Topper

Image from Canva

Playful, sweet, and colorful lollipop cake toppers never fail to give that fun mood to every occasion.

10. Photo Cake Topper

Photo Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

There are many ways to put photos on cake toppers. Sometimes you can also find them on cupcakes.  

cake topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

11. Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cakes and cupcakes can also engage audiences with hilarious messages, usually denoting the bride and groom’s funny ways of looking at their marriage.

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Image from Canva

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Image from Canva

12. Flowers-on-Top Cake Topper


Flowers-on-Top Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

There are more than one ways to put flowers on top of the cake.

Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

birthday cake topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

13. Call of Duty Cake Topper


Call of Duty Cake Topper


Call of Duty is one of the most popular games most teenagers and young adults play these days.  Their love for this game can even be shown in their choice of cake toppers.

14. Excavators Cake Topper

Toddlers love to play with all sorts of trucks.  After being infatuated with children’s songs from Cocomelon to activities the friendly educational show “Blippi” introduce, having a cake that displays this will certainly keep them wanting their birthday cake.


Excavators Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

15. Message Cake Toppers

Another fun and interesting idea is to put messages on your cakes!  Reading messages such as these before you take a bite is not only engaging but something memorable as well.

Decorate your cakes with messages you’ll want your visitors to be happy reading about, like your love story, romantic words you’d tell your partner, or messages to wish everyone well.

Considering these things will give another light on birthday parties or any special occasion.

Message Cake Toppers

Message cake toppers can take on various forms.  Sometimes they can be as colorful as it gets, like this one below that matches the frosting on the cake.  The frosting on cakes and the toppers must also reflect the personality of the reason for the celebration.

Message Cake Toppers


16. K-Pop Superstars Cake Toppers

Who doesn’t love K-pop?  Everyone loves Korean Superstars, so having them on cakes is not impossible!


K-Pop Superstars Cake Toppers


Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

17. Social Media Cake Topper

For someone who can live without social media, this cake topper will be a reflection of that.  Inspired by one’s social media engagement,  your teenage kids will surely love these cake toppers.


Social Media Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

18. Black Pink Stars Cake Topper

Stars.  They can come in different sizes, colors, and styles.  

They can adorn cakes for every occasion, just like this Blank Pink cake topper.


Black Pink Stars Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

19. The Boss Baby Cake Topper

The Boss Baby Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B.

The Boss Baby cake topper is loved by kids.  It is inspired by the same movie and series, “The Boss Baby.”

20. Assorted Fruits Cake Topper

The Boss Baby Cake Topper

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B

Enhance your cakes with these mixed fruits that will never go unnoticed.  Fruit Cake Toppers never fail to wow any cake lover that will be wanting more.

You may use juicy cherries, fresh raspberries, and pecans to make these ravishing rows of fruit toppers.

21. Cocomelon-Inspired Cake Toppers

As of July 2021, Cocomelon is the number one most-viewed channel in the United States, the most subscribed children’s channel, and the second most-viewed in the world.

So, your toddler will love Cocomelon-inspired cake toppers, that’s for sure!

Cocomelon-Inspired Cake Toppers

Image from Pink & Purple Food Hub by Jenny B

22. Dora the Explorer Cake Topper

Dora the Explorer Cake Topper


Thinking of a cake decoration for your daughter’s birthday party?  Most of them love Dora the Explorer!  You’ll never go wrong with this cake topper idea.  A plus is a tinted frosting that you can turn into Boots!

Remember also that the choice of food coloring to match the mood of your cake is as important as the topper.  Just like this fun Dora the Explorer-themed cake.

23. Paw Patrol Cake Topper

Paw Patrol Cake Topper

Your three-year-old surely loves Paw Patrol.  This simple Paw Patrol Cake Topper will indeed delight their eyes and taste.

24. Dinosaurs Cake Topper

Dinosaurs Cake Topper


The movie “Jurrasic Park” even without its remake has left the love for dinosaurs a natural thing to almost every kiddo.  

Decorate your kiddo’s dino cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles to highlight the natural dino world setting.

25. Puppy-lover Cake Topper

25. Puppy-lover Cake Topper


Remember the first poodle you gave your daughter on her birthday years back?  Since that day, she has loved puppies, and celebrating her birthday with these memories will make your cake memorable.

26. Cars and Stars Cake Topper

Cars and Stars Cake Topper


Yes, he loves cars.  And he’s been telling you he’ll go to the star riding them?  This is your way to put your child’s imagination working on your choice of cake topper for his birthday.

Toddlers love playing with cars, and your son is no exception.  Put this car on his cake, and maybe he wouldn’t want to eat it! Just kidding.  He’ll be so infatuated with it that he may not want to let you cut it just yet. Until he finishes feasting his eyes on it.

27. Barbie Cake Topper

 Barbie Cake Topper

Your little lady just can’t get enough of her Barbie collection.  Oh, that’s entirely fine.  In fact, studies show that doll playing helps children learn empathy.

Celebrate this love for Barbie and decorate your daughter’s cake with Barbie Cake Topper.  You can create an illusion with the frosting and make her gown flow through the cake.  

Barbie Cake Topper


Or you can just make a Barbie cutout (there are lots of templates online) and decorate your cake with them with some sprinkles of edible gems that Barbie adores.

28. Hello Kitty Birthday Party Cake Topper

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Cake Topper


Who says Hello Kitty is extinct?  No, of course not!  Many children still love this “ White kitty with no name” through all these years.  

29. Tinker Bell Cake Topper

Tinker Bell Cake Topper


Tinker Bell still has her musings for the love of her life.  This cake topper is a great pre-wedding gift for your best friend at her bachelorette party.  Bake this cake, an idea that will surely make her adore this cute topping.

30. Careers Cake Topper

Careers Cake Topper


Customizing cakes into the receiver’s career is something that has become “IN” these days.  It will delight the receiver and let others know something about the celebrant if they haven’t known anything about them yet.

You can DIY your way through this design using card stock, vinyl, or even just by getting creative with your frosting.

31. Celebrations Cake Topper

Celebrations Cake Topper


For someone who loves beer, decorate his cake with it!  Get inspiration on how you’ll design the cake on the design of the beer.  Plus, he’ll love the dark chocolate flavor that is visible not only on the topping but most importantly from the cake.

32. Shimmer your Words Cake Topper

Shimmer your Words Cake Topper


Ideally, you can put anything you like on your cake, words, art, anything!  Just make sure they’ll get noticed.  So, to do this, use craft vinyl for your letterings and art to make it surely stand out!

There is a vinyl lettering customizer that can help you craft your vinyl and you can choose from all sorts of colors and designs that TeckWrap Craft offers to give that shimmer and glitter to your cake toppers!

teckwrap vinyl


TeckWrap Craft’s Burst Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl

Cake Topper Blanks Set

Cake Topper Blanks Set


cake toppers
craft blanks Teckwrap

Images from TeckWrap Craft

If you are thinking of showing your artistic tendencies with your cake toppers, you can avail of these blanks from TeckWrap.  They come in sizes that will fit your cakes and cupcakes, creating your imagination and amazing your guests.

Recipe for a Cake Topper To Wow Your Guests

Make your cake toppers with frosting and icing that will wow the eyes and tastes.  A wedding cake, celebrations cake, or any occasion need not be boring.  

Here are the ingredients to your cake topper recipe that will surely wow your guests.

Match your icing with your theme

The choice of color palettes can affect the mood you set for your cake.  Children love fun, colorful rainbow-colored frosting and sprinkles.  Children are also into chocolate frosting as much as adults.

Pair the cake’s flavor with your adorable designs

An adult’s taste will surely go for darker chocolates than a child’s.  A Family cake, for example, must have flavors friendly for every member of the family as well as toppers that will satisfy their craving.

Gorgeous Toppers create a plus welcoming atmosphere.

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with cakes as it was first done years ago.  And a cake shouldn’t be without a topper.  

The main purpose of a cake topper is to communicate.  Be that any occasion, the cake topper gives a hint of what is being celebrated.  If there is a covering to a book, there is a topper to a cake.

Cake Toppers are like rainbows, they come in different colors and styles.

A rainbow symbolizes the promise of a beautiful day and it is the same with cake toppers.  Family and friends, celebrate a birthday, Christmas, wedding, or just about any occasion with a party that will make any celebration alive thru activities.

And to top it off,  they showcase the whole ensemble with cool toppers.  Sprinkle them on top or stick them on it.  No doubt, making your cake adorable and gorgeous is just an imagination away.

Sprinkle it with creativity and love

Ideas are unlimited.  You have the power to put any idea to life and  DIY your ideas by finding easy-to-print templates on the web.

Just remember to do it with love because they’ll definitely be visible and pair your crafts with vinyl from TeckWrap Craft.

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