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It's National Craft Month: Get More Creative Ideas

It's National Craft Month: Get More Creative Ideas

History Of The National Craft Month

It's no secret that creative outlets help relieve stress. The Craft & Hobby Association (now the Association for Creative Industries [AFCI]) established National Crafting Month back in March 1994 to encourage Americans to discover their hidden creativity and explore new crafts and fun projects, ranging from embroidery to candle-making.

What Is The History Of The National Craft Month

The National Craft Month is a month long celebration that has been held annually since 1994.

National Craft Month Calendar Image

The Origins Of Crafting

The term craft has undergone a change in meaning over the years.

The word originally described technical or trade skills in carpentry, pottery making, and other similar activities, that were sources of livelihood back in the day. In fact, there used to be guilds where people with these skills got together to produce products according to their abilities.

The industrial revolution made some of these guilds obsolete by creating mass produced versions of various crafts to answer the rising demands of a growing population.

But then came the rebirth or comeback of DIY enthusiasts who wanted to express their creativity in making handmade one of a kind items. Now there are many people who have picked up a hobby (or two) that might have sparked their interest. We can only surmise the growing number of enthusiasts expanding exponentially over the years as many crafts have made their reach far and wide thanks to the internet and social media platforms.

How To Celebrate National Craft Month

National Craft Month is a great opportunity to explore your creative side and try out new crafting techniques.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate National Craft Month:

Attend Crafting Workshops And Classes

Many art studios and craft stores offer workshops and classes during National Craft Month. Attend an online or face to face class and learn a new crafting technique, such as knitting, crocheting, or painting.

Ideas For Attend Crafting Workshops And Classes

Organize A Crafting Party

Invite friends over for a crafting party where everyone can bring their own crafting supplies and work on their individual projects together. This is a great way to share ideas and techniques and to socialize with other crafters.

Organize A Crafting Party For National Craft Month

Create Craft Kits As Gifts

Create craft kits as gifts for your friends and family. Include all the necessary supplies and instructions for a project, such as a knitting kit or a scrapbooking kit.

Create Craft Kits As Gifts For National Craft Month

Share Your Creations On Social Media

Share your crafting projects on social media to inspire others and to connect with other crafters.

Here is a list of hashtags you can use to celebrate National Craft Month:

Share Your Creations On Social Media O National Craft Month
  • #nationalcraftmonth
  • #CraftingCommunity
  • #creativecrafter
  • #handmadeisbetter
  • #makersgonnamake
  • #diyprojects
  • #craftsforall
  • #craftersofinstagram

Why We Love National Craft Month

It Brings People Together

What better way to bring like-minded people together than a common passion?

Sometimes in our circle of family and friends, there might not be anyone who shares the same level of interest to a particular craft or hobby and leaves the crafter uninspired and bored.

It Brings People Together On Ntional Craft Month

Getting together with people, albeit momentarily, that share the same enthusiasm for your craft can spark inspiration and positive energy. When we surround ourselves with people that share our passion we feel more inspired to learn and create more.

It Inspires People

Sometimes we may have interests or hobbies that have been dormant for a while because we all know the reality of life comes first, and creative pursuits are sometimes put on hold.

Active celebrations like National Craft Month or even small initiatives like National Craft Day by any craft and hobby association might just be the much-needed push in the right direction to get the creative juices flowing.

It Inspires People

Inspired people are more productive and promote overall positive well-being, and enhance work-life or school-life balance.

Getting Started With A New Craft/Hobby

You might have seen something online or have received a handmade gift from someone that might have piqued your interest enough for your to want to pursue a new hobby. But you don’t know how to get started.

Here are some tips to get you going:

Watch Video Tutorials

Online video tutorials will give you a bird’s eye view regarding the hobby you wish to pursue. Resources are aplenty online, some hobbyists/influencers even have their own channel. Watching these videos will give you an understanding to the logistics involved in terms of how supplies cost, availability etc.

Watch Video Tutorials For National Craft Month

Join an Online Community

Supplement tutorial videos by joining online communities aligned with your intended hobby, to see how others got started on their craft journey.

Join an Online Community

Take time to read posts and comments because you will likely encounter the same concerns when you get started.

Prepare A Checklist

After you have scoured the many online video tutorials and have read through many posts, you will probably have an idea on what you need to get started.

Make a list of the basic supplies you will be needing, make sure to include comparisons with other brands.

Pro tip: If buying a machine is part of your checklist, do check out the after sales service provision. You may make a direct inquiry with the supplier.

We see all the good stuff online (perfectiy functioning tools and machines), but once we are neck deep with our projects and crafts, mishaps and the like can happen, and we most likely would need to be in the know with regards to after sales repair service etc.

Set A Budget

Watching the videos and seeing all those wonderfullt crafted online posts would tempt anyone to buy anything and everything. Don’t.

Give yourself a budget. Because you don’t need everything to get started. This is why you have a checklist, to be mindful of the basic requirements needed for your hobby.

Set A Budget For National Craft month

Start small. Start with the necessary materials. Buying the biggest machine or the latest state of the art tools and materials available might not be practical.

First off, these items will probably be more expensive, and second, you might not actually need them yet, and third, and more importantly, since you are a newbie, the chances of damaging your tools and machine are highly probable. It won’t hurt the pocket as much to start with the affordable items first.

When you better skilled and have better control in using your tools and machines, and more importantly, more inclined to pursue the hobby more seriously and much longer that would probably be the perfect time for an upgrade.

Define Your Work Station Or Area

If you share your house along with other members of the family, it would be more prudent to set up a section as your work area where all your supplies will be organized and kept. This also helps you find your supplies easily.

Define Your Work Station Or Area For NCM

You may want to invest in sturdy and durable storage boxes for your supplies. Storage boxes are available online or at your favorite dollar store. Make sure to properly label your storage boxes for easy access in getting the items that you need.

Document Your Inventory And Expenses

Even if you think of this as a small and not so serious hobby, keeping track of inventory and expenses can prove to be helpful in the long run.

You can never tell if this hobby can turn into a full time small business in the future.

Social media has made it possible for hobbyists to became entrepreneurs. Someone loved your stuff, the next day, your creations will be posted on social media.

Document Your Inventory And Expenses

Tracking inventory and expenses will streamline your crafting business. It can show you if you are earning enough to upgrade on your materials or not earning enough to make you take a second look at how to manage your expenses.

Whew! All that just to start a hobby? Well, these are merely suggestions, moreso if you are seriously considering translating your hobby into a small business in the future.

Also, if you are a prudent spender, much as you enjoy your hobbies, you might as well enjoy getting the most of your money.

Indeed, endless possibilities are just around the corner once you get started, but it surely does not hurt to get started on the right foot.

Craft Suggestions

March being craft month, what better way to explore new craft suggestions for personal use or as perfect handmade gifts to friends and family.

Paper Folding

The art of folding paper, known as origami, can be traced back to ancient India and China. Since then it has spread to Japan where today it is still very popular.

Paper Folding For NCM

Paper crafting thru the art of paper folding is equally entertaining and fascinating. From origami to pop-up cards, anyone can create beautiful designs while gaining a deeper understanding of geometry, symmetry and pattern.

Paper crafting is a good way to transition to another equally popular hobby - scrapbooking.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry-making is an artistic and enjoyable hobby that you can enjoy for a lifetime. It can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be, from the simplest wire-wrapped strand of beads to a multi-work project requiring more specialized tools and experience.

You can explore different themes using different mediums to create fun, quirky and unique handmade items.

You can enrol in an online course to get you started.


Sewing can be a fun hobby that gives you the chance to enjoy something new. Whether you like fashion or creating, this is something that everyone should try at least once. No matter what age or skill level, it's easy and simple to start this hobby because even kids are getting involved with this hobby.

Paper folding.png__PID:64899a96-98e3-4045-9d8d-c3a44456106b

With sewing you can learn to create useful everyday items like handtowels, etc. They make perfect gifts as well.

In 1982, President Reagan declared September to be National Sewing Month. How’s that for a bit of history trivia for you?

Wall Art

If you dabble in photography or painting, you might want to try wall art.

This can be anything you put on your walls. Perhaps it's a nicely framed photograph, a print of an original painting, or a mounted canvas.

Maybe it's simple and subtle, or it could be as elaborate as an architectural mural.

Whatever form it takes, it adds personality to a room in much the same way that people do. It makes you feel comfortable and at-home in your space – just like having friends over for dinner.

Customized Vinyl Projects

The abundance of learning resources and materials make this hobby very popular.

A craft that was deemed difficult and solely left to the professionals can now be done at the comfort of your own homes.

Now anyone can make customized and personalized handmade crafts using vinyl.

Cutting machines make it possible to create works of art from small decals and sticker to massive wall arts. The design software that comes with the machine allows users to make fun, crafty, creative projects.

If you are looking to include vinyls in your supplies checklist to jumpstart this hobby, check out premium quality vinyl in matte and glossy.

You may want to add durable tools like tweezer, weeder, and mini squeegee to your creative project and crafty creations.

This hobby is a great opportunity to earn money primarily because more and more people are adding value to customized craft projects.


Crafting has gone a long way, and has diversified into many forms of creativity. So if you have a local craft and hobby association near you, and March being National Crafting Month, now might just be the right time to visit a craft fair or explore a simple fun project like paper crafts, or other crafting endeavors.

Remember, crafting is all about having fun and expressing your creativity. Celebrate National Crafting Month and let your imagination run wild!

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